With one of our goals being to share great BDSM / Fetish works from all over, LeatherLover is a leather design studio based out of Shanghai with outstanding work we felt worth learning more about.

As a heads up, English is not LeatherLover's first language so we tried to keep things simple, but the quality and creativity of the work speaks for itself while the additional information is a treat to learn more about what drives and inspires the studio. 


What is some basic background on yourself?

I’m a fetish man, set up a handmade studio in Shanghai, China.


What got you started in leather working?

I've loved making clothes since I was a child,also loves leather. Because of their special love, began to make leather wear.


What would be some examples of your favorite gear inspirations?

Most of my inspiration comes from some old illustrations and vintage leather photos. (photos in gallery)


What drew you towards BDSM themes?

BDSM has a natural attraction for me, I like to make torture gear. Enjoy the feeling of sadism, but my starting point is based on love.


What fetish themes inspire you most?

Leather skirt, boots, make me feel crazy.


What are some of your current design philosophies?

My design philosophy is based on love, so I can focus on the product, I want to provide better gear for fetishes


Perhaps share a story of a recent gear piece you are proud of.

If I have to choose which thing is my favorite, it's really hard, because the best favorite is always the next thing I'm working on.

If you have to talk about pride, that was probably the first work. At that time, there was no satisfactory gear in China, because of my love for pony play , I tried to make the first piece of pony gear. This is starting to get me excited.


Do you also have another job or able to do BDSM gear full time?

I do this full-time. In fact, there are not many people in China who are willing to pay for quality. My business was not good at the beginning. Speaking of this, I always hope that more people around the world can see my works and sell them all over the world. At the same time, I want to meet more powerful colleagues and exchange experiences


Able to tell us about some of your design concept origins?

Many of my products also come from life, such as the recent product O-rings mask. I saw a video after the epidemic. A man went to the mall without wearing a mask. His girlfriend took off his underwear and put it on for him, so I thought of making it A mask that looks like a thong.

Another example is that I was sleeping one day and saw that the curtains were folded one piece at a time. I had a sudden idea to make a mask.

What are some of your plans for the future?

I love my work, love the beautiful experience of fetish, love everyone around me, the world is unpredictable, pain is just an experience, find beauty gives the feeling of love, feel the pain is more meaningful.

If you like what you see be sure and check out LeatherLover's website and social media pages, we only show a small sample of their offerings!




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