Kitty Denied tests out a unique weighted butt plug from b-Vibe because butt stuff is important :)

Butt plugs are an important part of any BDSM toybox. I can’t think of anything more dominating or controlling than a plug being shoved deep in my ass followed by a plug harness being locked on. Plugs always serve as a constant reminder that what I want doesn’t matter and that theme keeps me eager to please my Sir and makes playtime fun for me. I don't think a play session would be complete without one, so lately I’ve been testing out some plugs in hopes of finding all the best ones to share with my fellow BDSM practitioners.

For this review I’ll be discussing the Snug Plug 3 by b-Vibe. b-Vibe is a new-ish sex toy company (established in 2016) that prides itself on being all things butt. They offer a premium collection of tech-forward anal play products as well as an impressive array of anal play education aimed at helping people explore anal play.

The feature that interested me about the Snug Plug 3 is that its weighted. I don’t have any weighted plugs so I thought that might be something fun to try. They claim it’s “the world’s most comfortable butt plug” and good for long term wear which seemed like a fun option to have.

Before I get too far into the review I want to mention that the brand name “b-vibe” kinda suggests everything they sell “vibes,” and while a lot of the products they offer utilize some sort of technology, I want to be clear that the Snug Plug version I’m reviewing does not vibrate, and is simply a weighted plug. There is a vibrating version available, but I have not tested that one, and don’t know much about it.
The “3” in Snug Plug 3 indicates the size. There are 5 sizes in this series of butt plugs.

Butt plug specs are pretty important because there's a fine line between sexy and NOPE when it comes to anal play, and its all relative based on the individuals anal experience.

I’ve got to be honest and say that when I was choosing which size was right for me I was a little irritated by my choices. They have since updated the sizes, but at the time my choices were:

#1 - 0.4 in.
I’ve literally seen fingers bigger than that, and I’m still mystified what the purpose of this one is.

#2 - 1.2 in.
This is a fairly small-sh size as far as plugs go, and I thought it would be kinda “meh”especially because I was seeking a weighted plug experience.

#3 - 1.5 in.
This is a significant jump from 1.2 and had me scratching my head. They obviously understand that there’s someone out there that needs a teeny 0.4, so why don’t they realize that for people choosing plugs in this size range this is a big leap? Up til now, the largest plug I used as prep for anal is 1.4 so I was taking a risk here, but didn't see any other solution and chose this size. I wanted to get the full effect from it being “weighted” experience so I decided to go big or go home and got the #3 and just planned on having to ramp up with smaller plugs first.

There were 2 more plugs larger than this one, but I don’t recall the sizes of those since my butt maxes out at 1.5.


I’m happy to report that when I went back to gather info for this review I see that they have adjusted the sizes to more manageable increments, and the #3 is now a 1.4 in - which totally changes everything and makes it a more manageable size. I also appreciate that they kept the same weight. So for the rest of this review- be aware that mine is 1.5, and yours would be 1.4 if you choose the #3.

Here are the current specs they have listed for the sizes:

Snug Plug 1
Diameter: 2 cm / 0.8 in
Weight: 55 g
Insertable Size: 8.6 cm / 3.4 in

Snug Plug 2
Diameter:3.1 cm / 1.2 in
Weight:114 g
Insertable Size:11 cm / 4.3 in

Snug Plug 3
Diameter:3.6 cm / 1.4 in
Weight:180 g
Insertable Size:12 cm / 4.7 in

Snug Plug 4
Diameter:4.4 cm / 1.7 in
Weight:257 g
Insertable Size:13.3 cm / 5.2 in

Snug Plug 5
Diameter:5.1 cm / 2.0 in
Weight:350 g
Insertable Size:14 cm / 6.3 in

As a random kudos to b-Vibe I wanted to mention that I like that they show their plugs being held in a hand for some of their product shots. This is something that’s missing with a lot of plug product shots, and I feel it helps give a good reference to size. Obviously, hand sizes can vary, but it gives a point of reference that’s helpful if you’re a visual person and not a numbers person (like me).

So which size do I recommend? Normally, I would have some advice on who would be a good match for each available size based on their experience level, but after a lot of thought with this particular plug I would have to universally recommend that the average person (who has some anal play experience) just go with the #3 size for the optimal effect.

Assuming you are buying this plug specifically for the weighted sensation I think the 180g weight of the #3 is perfect for that. I think anything lighter won’t feel very weighted once its in, and the smaller diameter won’t offer as much of the “full” sensation making it a disappointment overall if those are the sensations you are seeking.


In an attempt to be fair to the 2 smaller plugs who are probably sad I completely shunned them, I was initially going to suggest the smaller plugs would be good to use to ramp up to the #3 with, they aren’t good plugs for ramping up with for a couple reasons. They are short- so the amount of time you actually stretch the anus while sliding in is pretty minimal and then the neck is very slim - so, once its in, your internal/external sphincter only has to accommodate the very small neck for whatever length of time you have it in. The smaller neck makes the plug super comfy for long term wear, but the trade off is that it’s not a great plug as prep for more ambitious butt stuff if you’re trying to be efficient.

Additionally, I wouldn't recommend this style to someone with zero plug experience. It has a pretty wide insertion point (goes from kind pointy tip to max width quickly) no matter what size you choose. I just think there are better options out there for someone's first butt plug rodeo if only because the torpedo shape is slightly more challenging to slide in.

For everyone else I really recommend ramping up with a smaller plug first no matter which size you choose. Due to mine being a larger 1.5 size, it takes a good amount of ramping up to get this plug in-which can be a fun thing- but it’s definitely not the go-to plug I grab for playtime because it takes too long. That doesn't make it bad, just makes it a better choice for a different scenario.

So basically, if you are seeking a full feeling with some weight to it, then you should choose the size that’s closest to your normal “max” size, and for most people that's going to be around 1.4 inches. I would recommend you work up to it with your regular plugs and the understanding that the insertion point is a bit wider than most plugs so be gentle sliding it in. Your patience will pay off in the end because once it’s in, its unbelievably comfortable, and the weight feels really sexy.

All that said, don’t take my word as gospel on the sizing. If you know you want a smaller plug then always go with your instincts, I’m just giving some sizing tips based on my own experience.
The snug plug is made from body safe silicone, so its waterproof, easy to clean and it's very durable. It has a matte velvety feel, and there are no seams. Its firm to the touch, but not hard. If you press your finger into the side you can feel that the material its coated with is slightly squishy if you are actively challenging it. The slight squish feeling is limited by the internal tube, and you can feel that part is hard. When you give it a shake you can hear that it contains 2 balls that give it the bulk of its weight - I’ll talk more about the balls later.

I find that this silicone material seems to hold on to the lube a little better than the shiny silicone. It’s easy to spread your favorite (water soluble) lube on it and get a nice even coat. It does not bead up like it sometimes does on the shiny/harder silicone.


Snug Plugs 1, 2 and 3 give you a choice of black or a signature color that unique to the size (#1-pink, #2-purple, #3-blue). Sizes #4 and #5 only come in black. I chose black just because I don’t like rowdy colored sex toys in general, and thats just my personal preference. It's literally going in my butt, sooo… I’d rather not have a color that highlights potential messes.

Speaking of messes, the silicone is easy to clean. You can use soap and water or anything you would normally clean your butt toys with. I did notice that I need to take an actual brush to the logo that’s indented on the handle, but I don't count that as a strike against it, just an observation. I think the logo placement is appropriate and I appreciate the thought they put into that part because it's not something I notice during wear.
Wearability is where this plug really shines. I’ve played with lots of different plugs and quite honestly none have felt as good as this plug feels. I think the slim flexible neck really contributes to the wearability. The neck is the same size on all the plugs: 0.4 in (1cm). It’s a great combination of flexible but firm, so it’s bendy enough to move with your body once its in, but firm enough to assist with the insertion and removal.
The actual base is slightly curved and ergonomic so it's easy to use as a handle, while still being comfortable to sit on. The base is substantial in size so it’s easy to grab onto even covered in lube, but it’s not so big that you ever notice it while sitting.

When a plug harness (or in my case- a pussy shock belt) is added over it, it doesn’t change how it feels. A lot of times adding a plug harness over a plug makes it feel like it's being pushed way deeper in my ass - which can be sexy, but also decreases the amount of time I want to hang out with it in. The snug plug doesn’t ever give that aggressively deep feeling, and I can only assume that’s because of the flexible neck.

If you're not into plug harnesses that's ok because you won’t need one to keep this plug in. Even though the neck is super thin and quite long, it’s in deep on its own. It doesn't slide around and give you a little tail like similar style plugs might. I find that the #3 stays in deep all on its own, and fits “snug” as the name suggests.

I especially like the length of the plug- the thickest tube part is long enough to give a sexy full feeling inside but I never feel like it’s too long or poking my insides. It’s not uncomfortable at all. Bullet shaped plugs are easier to insert but they can end up feeling pokey if they’re too long, too pointy, or if they are made with a hard material.

Once the Snug Plug is in, I would describe the feeling as a sexy full feeling with a little weight that noticeable, but not overwhelming vs. a naughty/uncomfortable/distracted feeling that I get from most plugs I play with. I was able to comfortably wear mine for a couple hours, and that’s way longer than I would normally choose to do. I don’t wear plugs outside of the house, but if I was going to start doing that, this would be the plug I choose for that adventure.

As far as the weight goes, I have to admit I expected it to feel heavier than it actually does but, when all is said and done I’m pleased with the weight they chose. The lighter than expected weight is part of the reason why I suggest the #3 plug as I think that's the optimal size to get the full benefit of the “weighted” feature.

Holding the plug in your hand you can feel that the cylinder part that makes up the body has a bit of weight , but as I mentioned before there are two balls inside that give it the bulk of the weight. The weight feels evenly distributed and I think that’s adds to the “weighted” experience and full feeling.

The cross section drawing on the box gives the impression that the balls take up a lot of space in the plug, but when you hold the plug you will feel that they are free floating in there. Based on the sound and feel when I shake it, I would say they are probably coated with silicone as well since there's no metal on metal clicking noise.
Most importantly, it’s not audible while wearing so that won't impact your play. Additionally, you can't feel the balls moving around once its in.

Since orgasms are important I thought I would add that I didn’t notice any discernible difference in orgasms while wearing it. It neither adds toward the intensity nor takes away, but it does make me feel extra slutty and thus I get to climax sooner than I might without it. I think the vibrating version may impact orgasms more if that’s something you’re seeking.
As a little bonus, The snug plug comes with a comes with a waterproof carry bag that’s nicer than the usual garbage that toy store give. Since this plug can be worn for extended times, be sure to bring along the little bag if you wear it out of the house just in case you decide to take it out. I can’t imagine anything worse than a rogue butt plug hanging out in my purse, so I think the bag is a nice little freebie.

The plug also comes with a couple little booklets about ass play. You will get a good laugh from some of the drawings, but the information is helpful and delivered in a way that doesn't make you feel like they think you are stupid. As a nurse I can tell you that I’m continually surprised by how little people know about their own bodies so I feel like this is a helpful and a needed resource.

If youre not purchasing anything from b-Vibe you can get a copy of their anal play guide to download here but you have to give an email address. I do like that the site is centered around education and they make a solid effort to make anal play less taboo.

Oh, and the plug comes with 1yr warranty, but I can’t imagine a scenario where you would ever need it.


I don’t normally do a TL;DR but I feel like I was a little long winded with my explanations and I want to be clear how I feel about this plug.

-The Snug Plug 3 is the most comfortable plug I’ve played with (once it’s inserted), and it’s design makes it suitable for long term wear.

-I would recommend the #3 size to the average person who has at least a little experience with anal play in order to get the full weighted sensation and full feeling.

-The broad insertion point means you need to ramp up with smaller plugs to aid with insertion, which also means it may not be the best plug for someone that had never tried any butt stuff at all.

-These plugs are not optimal for ramping up for anal sex because the neck is very slim.

Overall, the comfort of the silicone material in combination with the flexible neck, torpedo shape and added weight makes it a uniquely comfortable plug that I would absolutely recommend to anyone seeking a weighted plug experience or anyone wanting a comfortable plug to wear for long periods of time.


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