The Hush is the world’s first teledildonic buttplug. The word “teledildonic” always makes me laugh a little, but is just a fancy way of saying it that can be operated remotely from anywhere. I do a good amount of long distance play and I’ve never had a vibrating butt plug before so the Hush was super appealing to me. Especially since I had already read a few favorable reviews.

I’ll start off with the general specs. The Hush is made out of body safe silicone and comes in matte black. It has a nice velvety texture that's easy to coat with lube, and the insertable parts are firm to the touch. The neck and the tail part have a good amount of flexibility.

It comes in 2 sizes: “Small” 1.5 inch diameter, and “Medium” 1.75 inch diameter

These measurements are the same for both sizes:
Total Length: 4.76 in
Insertable Length: 3.80 in
Base Length: 3.15 in
Neck Width: 0.75 in

I got the “small” size, but 1.5in would probably be considered large to the average person so I find that calling it “small” is misleading. When playing with the small it's not a bad idea to ramp up by playing with a smaller plug for about 30 mins before inserting the Hush. On the up side, the 1.5in size works well as prep for anal sex if that's the plan. I found that turning the vibe on while inserting in combination with the bullet shape made it way more sexy and easier to insert. That was actually a pretty big highlight for me.

Once inserted it’s quite comfortable to wear since the neck is slim. The pointy bullet shape doesn’t give any particular sensation while inserted. Overall the Hush gives a sexy full feeling without being too weighty. For having a big beefy motor and electronics inside it’s fairly light weight being only 3.3oz/95g.

This plug stands out because the vibrations are impressively strong. While I dont have any other vibrating butt plug to compare it to, I have thoroughly tested it on just my clit and I can cum super easy with it. I’d compare the strength to the Tango bullet vibe. The vibrations are felt evenly throughout the plug which is nice, and it never heats up from use. The strong vibrations alone make it a worthwhile toy to have as an option for playtime.

Since I’m talking about the vibrations - I notice that Lovense tries to sell this toy as being “friendly for discreet public play.”
That’s laughable because it’s quite loud even on low, and just because it’s in your butt doesn’t mute the actual sound that much. I used an app and held the plug near the phone just to check the decibels, and on low its 65-70 which is described as “a normal conversation” and on high its 75-80 (described as loud singing). To be sure that I’m being fair with the sound measurement I inserted the plug vaginally, turned it on low and sat down in a chair. I held the phone to my ear for the reading and it still read 56 decibels in a silent room. It’s highly unlikely you will be able to use this on a date night (dinner and a movie) without people around you hearing it even if it’s on the lowest setting.


So, let's talk about the ribs on the neck. Ugh. I’m not a big fan of textured toys in general, but I was willing to keep an open mind because maybe the texture on my butthole would be nice and I just don't know it yet. Referring to the box, I can see that the ribs are sold as a feature that helps “keep the lube at the base for easy removal.” Who asked for this? Is this really a problem? After extended testing I honestly don’t notice a difference in terms of a “more lubricated removal,” but I suppose it sounds nice on paper.

The ribs are in a spiral shape, and while they aren’t technically painful, they are impossible to ignore as the plug shifts when moving around or when it’s turned on. To be fair, a constant reminder that you're plugged is actually pretty sexy and it does put a lot of focus on the area, but I could easily live without the gentle butthole exfoliation. Ironically, they claim the ribs make longer term wear possible because of the “lube trapping” but the ridges are pretty aggressive and actually work to make me want to take the plug out sooner than I might if it didn't have the ribs. If the ribs were softer or wider I think they would feel nice. Putting a condom over the plug buffers the ribs a little bit, so that’s one possible solution if it's too distracting.

As far as lube goes, you can use any water soluble lube that you like. I really love the Bad Dragon Cum Lube for butt stuff. It’s super slick and kinda stringy like actual cum, and it stays wet for a long time. It’s somewhat thinner than other lubes (so it works with the fancy dildos that cum) but it coats the toys evenly, and is worth the hassle of being a little bit more messy.


The base of the plug is flared and comfortable. There’s a button on the bottom, and a charging port on the side. There’s also a little tail that curves up, but they aren't super clear on the purpose of it. I thought it was some kind of penis related feature because I think the boys like some under the ball vibrations? The booklet it comes with does not elaborate on what the tail is for, but on the online manual it explains that the tail should be positioned pointing up towards the spine because that's where the antenna is. I never would have guessed that so I’m glad I looked that up. The tail is kind of an odd shape and isn't really ergonomic so it doesn't lay flat on the skin, but you don’t notice it because it’s very flexible. Be sure to not use that par as a handle when removing it.

The button on base is used to turn the plug on and off, and operate some manual features. Hold the button for three seconds and it will give a little vibe indicating its on (which makes it easy to turn on once inserted), and hold it for 3 more seconds to turn it off. The button will faintly blink red indicating it's on and ready to pair with a device. Then when paired it will glow red continuously.

Button is easy to find in the dark because it’s a raised texture, but it’s a little awkward and stiff to press down once inserted. Most of the time that would get a complaint from me, but in this case- that's good because it doesn't get accidentally pressed or turned off by sitting on it. I tested mine with my leather shock belt, and my Fancy Steel chastity belt and the buttons were never pushed.

To manually operate after you turn it on you can just hit the button again and it you can cycle through 3 levels of vibe intensity and then through 4 preset patterns.

I like that the button gives you the option to operate the plugs basic functions without the app. The downside is that there’s only one power setting for the patterns and they tend to go from low to super high, and there’s no way to turn the whole pattern down a notch to have a more teasing experience. This was annoying to me because I wanted the patterns to compliment an orgasm, but they are so intense that it can actually steal the intensity of my orgasm. I will explain that more later.

On the base there's also a charging port for the USB Charger it comes with. When it’s plugged in the button will flash a brighter red while charging. A single 90-minute charge gives you 1.5 hours of continuous vibrations and 120 hours of standby time which I think is pretty impressive. When using the app you will be able to see how much charge is left in the toy.


Before I talk about the app I wanted to mention some cleaning tips- Since the plug is waterproof you can completely submerge it, which makes it a little easier to clean but silicone can sometimes hold on to odor so it might take a couple extra steps to get it completely odor free (and that's not unique to this plug, and not a negative thing- it's just life when you do butt stuff.) I always use baby soap on my toys, so I start with that to get anything visible off. Some areas like the ribs and the indented parts around the button and the charging port need some extra care because the texture hangs on to the lube. You can just use a little scrub brush for those parts.

If there’s any lingering odor after that clean you can spray it down with some Cavicide and let it hang out in the sink for 10 minutes then wash it again with soap again and let it air dry on a towel. As an alternative, if you don't have any Cavicide then you can fill the sink with a solution of 1/10 bleach and water, and soak it for 10 minutes. Only use warm water to clean, and don’t put it in the dishwasher or boil it because it has a motor and batteries in it. If overly concerned about odor you can always use a condom on it.


The Hush can be connected to your phone or desktop with Bluetooth, and it works with iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, and Android.

Pairing it is super easy. It’s as simple as turning on the plug and then turning on the app and selecting it in the app. After it’s paired it stays connected. Even if you force close the app, when you open it again it will automatically reconnect. I’m really quite impressed with how easy this part is. One thing I noticed is that the app didn't ask for permission to use the microphone or camera, so you might want to check and see what it turns on and when. I doubt anyone is gonna be hacking into your buttplug, but make sure you set the permissions to what makes sense to you. For example maybe you don't want microphone access or camera access.

You’ll need to check the toy for a firmware update occasionally, and make sure the app is updated. The “button” for the firmware update does not actually look like a button so it’s not super obvious it needs to be pushed. I managed to figure it out so I’m sure everyone else can. When you update the firmware the plug shuts itself off after the update so you will have to hold the on button for 3 seconds and it will automatically connect again. It’s easy.

One feature that makes this plug outstanding is the connectivity. I have several Bluetooth/WiFi toys and they are all notoriously bad at maintaining a connection which is frustrating during a play session. It feels extra frustrating because they are usually quite pricey. The Hush has been exceptional in this regard. The only time this toy has ever dropped a signal was when I was in “slut prison” and behind a solid metal door. As soon as Sir came back in the room with his phone it automatically turned itself back on and picked up where it left off. The older tech was unreliable and often required you to start over and pair the toy to the phone if you lost the signal.

If you’re sitting the range is 5-10 feet, and if standing it’s up to 30 feet. For long distance play it wont disconnect as long as you keep the phone near you- which is easy because the app has a messaging feature that you would likely be using while playing.


The app offers a variety of unique features with an interface that’s fairly easy to use which is good because it doesn't come with any sort of instructions.

Once paired up and turned on, you can manually operate the intensity and even make your own quick little repeating patterns, so it's very easy to use for a solo session.

Connecting with a partner is easy, too. You both sign up for an account and then you just go in and add them as a contact and give them permission to use the controls. The response time between when a button is pressed remotely and when the plug responds is instant, and you have options to share pics, and videos through the app. I’ve never had the signal drop during a long distance session.

You can save any patterns that you make into a playlist for later use. This can be a little time consuming to sit and plan out an entire pattern, but having the option is nice if you like to get really complicated with play. We used this feature a lot when we first got the toy because the app was a bit of a shit show and didn't offer repeating patterns beyond 1 minute 30 seconds. I had a lot of grievances about the app at that time, but they have since fixed all the problems I had and you no longer have to spend a lot of time being an ass composer and creating patterns.

Speaking of being an ass composer- If you feel that the patterns you make are exceptional and must share them with the world you can share them publicly within the app. Others can download your “patterns” and add them to their playlist. I suppose this might be interesting if you want to feel like someone else is controlling the toy, but be aware that you’re just using the saved pattern. You would have to send them a link if you want to connect and have them control the toy in real time.


The way the pattern sharing section of the app is set up is odd. They aren't all butt plug specific patterns, it's a mix of all the different toys that can be used with the app, so you might get a butt plug pattern that was designed by someone using a different toy. I don't know that this matters, but I feel like I use the buttplug patterns differently than the clit toy patterns.

The other thing I find annoying is that you only get a preview of the first couple seconds of the pattern so you really have no idea if it gets crazy or is more teasing, You can only go by whatever the person named it- which is usually something stupid like “Feel me pounding you,” “60 minutes of pure hell,” or “I came while making this.” People get pretty creative (and disgusting) with their names and titles, and by “people” I mean boys. Girls are not that gross. Some of the more thirsty folks who want to make a real life connection come up with names like “Ladies at work add me” because they think there are a bunch of ladies hanging out at work with plugs in and they need his help. I can only assume the plan is to connect with another guy pretending to be a girl at work because that’s all you're gonna get.

So obviously, I’m very put off by this way of connecting and I find the pattern sharing section utterly useless. For the same reasons it's fun to use for long distance play with Sir, I personally find it way too intimate and uncomfortable to be connected to a stranger that way, and I have a feeling most girls would feel the same way. Literally the last thing I want to think about is turning on the pattern named “Squirt Machine” made by “MILFhunter60” and thinking about how he was just whacking it and now our butts are synchronized.

Moving on to other questionable features- you can link your butt plug to Alexa and Spotify. That’s right.. You can say, “Alexa turn on my buttplug” and operate it. When the robot takeover happens I feel like Alexa is going to have some questions about why we had to bring her into this.


I don’t use alexa so I didn’t actually test that specific feature out. I did however test out syncing it with a song and I found that to be disappointing. Any sort of noise just makes it oscillate between low and high and it’s really not that exciting. For example, if you talk in a normal tone it just vibrates on low and stops when you stop. If you want the intensity to increase you have to yell and keep yelling or it just goes back to low or off. Meh. I was thinking maybe you could turn on some Led Zeppelin and I could use my butthole to name that tune, but it’s not like that.

Last but not least, you can use this toy as an alarm clock. You set the time for the alarm then you have to speak into the phone and it will translate that into a vibe pattern. When the alarm goes off, it will replay the audio from the phone and match it with a vibration pattern. This is also cringey and meh. There seem to be a lot of toys out there that offer this feature, but is anyone really using it? I guess you could use this as a timer for a sexy task or something, but I doubt anyone is saying, “Time for bed, better set my buttplug!”

As a final note on the app features I wanted to mention that it heats up your phone a little bit and uses a good amount of battery, so it’s not a bad idea to have a charger nearby.

While I’m not a cam girl, I can still appreciate that Lovense did a good job creating programs that are useful for this. You can use any of their teledildonic toys, and the programs are integrated into 20 different cam sites. One way to use it is to set parameters for a tip amount that corresponds to a timeframe and intensity and then the viewer can pay and be in control of the toy.

You can also generate a link and send it to someone and they can just open the web page and operate the toy from there. This is good for cam girls because the clients don’t need to create a lovense account and the link expires after the time frame is up so they can’t hassle you later.

The Lovense website offers a wishlist section so you can have some toys gifted to you from generous fans and an affiliate program that's easy to sign up for and will give you a portion of the profit from any toys people buy when they go through your link.


I saved this part for last because its a bit of a rant and I think anal toys shouldn't technically be judged on orgasm quality since they wont make you cum by themselves. That's right- no matter how many Cosmo magazines you read about anal orgasms, they aren't real. I don’t have a clit in my butt, and clits are the organ responsible for making females cum. I’m not saying it doesn't feel good, it’s just not going to make you cum by itself.

That said, I have had many orgasms with this plug in while using other toys and I found a very unusual side effect that I’ve never heard anyone ever talk about, so I think it’s important to mention: When you have the Hush turned on while cumming it steals the intensity of the orgasm, and gives a ruined orgasm feeling. I cannot speak to the male experience since I only have a vagina, so it might be different for men, but for me it definitely effects orgasm quality if it's on when I cum.

So, the first time I used it I had the Hush running a pattern and I came with just fingers and it felt amazing getting to the point of orgasm, but when I actually came I could only describe it as, “meh.” I definitely came but the intensity wasn't there, and it was a big let down.

I thought it was just a fluke because that happens sometimes, so over the course of a few months I tested it with all my fave vibes, the Eroscillator, the O-wand, my kink wand and the womanizer. Using various combinations of vibe intensities for the plug and the clit vibe. SAME RESULT. Ruined orgasms. It didn’t leave me unsatisfied, but the actual orgasm wasn’t as satisfying as it felt getting there. The only scenario where the orgasms feel awesome is if I turn the hush completely off a couple minutes before cumming, and then it was like cumming with just a regular plug - which is sexy and intense.

My best explanation for this is that the combination of the strong vibrations and the very noticeable ribs on the neck just steals all the focus away from my clit. Cumming causes contractions so you clamp down pretty good on the ribs- which isn’t painful, but is very noticeable and distracts from the clit sensations. You get a lot of butthole focus, and that’s not really what you want because buttholes don't cum.

So of course I went on the internet to read some advice from all the other ladies who play with vibrating butt plugs because surely they must be experiencing the same result since it happens 100% of the time for me when the plug is turned on when I cum. I found zero evidence that this is a thing. Either there's no mention of orgasms at all (which I suppose is ok if just reviewing a butt toy), or they say it makes orgasms more intense when it’s on high.

I’m mostly just mad that nobody else talks about these things as they come up. I’ve spent my entire life wondering why my vagina is broken after I read an article and try their secret orgasm technique and get zero results, but turns out my vagina isn't broken and the everyone is doing a good amount of embellishing and wishful thinking when it comes to most orgasm advice that’s out there. Even if it turns out my vagina IS broken, step one is having other women be honest about orgasms and say when something feels different, and I know for sure the orgasms with the Hush turned on at the same time feel different.

This ruined orgasm effect is definitely something that we can use during play, so it's actually a bonus when it comes to our complicated routines. For everyone else, I still don't file this under “negative” because it’s not the toy company's fault. The ruined orgasm potential is easily fixed by turning the vibrations off before you cum. I only mention it because it’s something I experienced and don’t want other women to try the toy and then suddenly think they are broken when the orgasm isn't as intense and it seems like it’s going to be. Not to mention maybe someone has trouble reaching orgasm, and then the plug helps them get there but not enjoy it. No sense in making others figure it out on their own when I already found the solution.

Even with my unexpected orgasm results, the hush is definitely worth trying because it excels at connectivity, and intensity of vibrations. While the app has a few features that I don’t love, the features I need in order to connect long distance operate smoothly and on an intuitive interface. I’m also impressed with the options for cam performers to allow their patrons to operate the toy and monetize that interaction. I find it promising that Lovense is working out the Bluetooth issues that made older wireless toys so frustrating and I look forward to the wireless toys they make in the future!



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