Although everyone seems to know about the Magic Wand, we wanted to look into the lesser known Eroscillator to see if the solid reputation was true as a different approach to clitoral stimulation.

Concept wise, the main thing that makes the Eroscillator stand out is that it has more of a side to side oscillation motion while most vibrators like the big wands have more of a pounding forward to back felt motion. The intent is that the oscillation provides a feeling more like a finger moving gently back and forth. While the wands end up more of an area effect tool, the Eroscillator is like a honed in clit pleasing laser. Another large benefit to the oscillation motion is that it is much less prone to causing numbing which is a guaranteed side effect when using typical vibrators for long periods of time.

The youngens these days probably don't know who Dr. Ruth is, but she has been a big deal providing solid sex advice way before it was the cool thing to do and the Eroscillator is the only product she has endorsed. On that subject, considering that the Eroscillator looks fairly Art-Deco like and generally odd compared to modern toy designs, the term old school certainly comes to mind and it shows in multiple parts of the design.

For starters the "bronze" color is a little odd, where it just looks like someone ordered the wrong gold color and went with it. That said, I consider myself lucky at the moment as it appears the main color offered now is a purple. I get it that the item is made with females in mind, but purple being pretty much the only color, really? I only say pretty much since for those with plenty of cash laying around there is a special $400+ version that actually is gold plated, finally getting the color it appears they were going for in the first place.


Guessing the designers wanted to keep more of the look intact, the main switch is fairly camouflaged as a long section on the Eroscillator. One pushes the switch towards the business (attachment) end to cycle to 3 power settings, the further the switch is moved, the higher the setting, and then back towards the bottom / power cord end will switch the unit off. From my personal use I find this setup pretty easy to lose track of since the switch is made to look / feel like the rest of the unit. I think it would be a better idea to change the texture feel of the switch so easy to manipulate without looking. To clarify I do like how the switch is long so one can adjust it with many different grip locations. Looking at other reviews, it sounds like others have issues of accidentally moving the switch during use, which I'm sure the "switch is the same as the rest of the body" factor is not helping. The attachments go on and off easy by snapping in or pulling out. They go in with 2 different positions so one can have the desired attachment face with the switch or away from it. The main attachments are made of medical grade TPE-s, although these days a gripe is they should be silicone, I've found the material used feels fine and easy to clean with soap and water.

Handling wise the Eroscillator is fairly lightweight (approx 8oz) compared to something like a Magic Wand and at around a little less than 1.5" diameter it is easy to grip. The flared base adds to the wacky look a bit, however is functional allowing the unit to be placed vertically. The thought is followed through well as the power cord connection uses an L shape and there is a notch in the body end for the cord. As a definite plus the power cord has a locking feature where it is rotated into place so one doesn't have to worry about the cord falling out all the time even as the unit ages. Even though I'm not a fan of power cords at this point, the Eroscillator cord provided is about 12 feet which is nice and makes needing an extension cord much less likely. As a fair design decision, the Eroscillator chose wired to offer a very durable design with consistent power. Oddly the main warranty offered is only 1 year long, but the Eroscillator has been around long enough to have confirmed solid lasting power.


When putting the Eroscillator to actual use, it is overall quiet compared to typical vibrators as promised. The first impressions can be a bit underwhelming since the low sound combined with low felt vibration just touching the end with one's hand makes one think there is no way this thing is going to get anyone off, however it is all business once on the clitoral area as designed. Kate went from "What is this stupid looking thing?" to "Oh my god this is awesome!" Purchase theory wise I took a bit of a risk as Kate considers her clit area a bit sensitive so I was happy to find out that even so the Eroscillator is able to give her solid pleasure. With the plus version you get the attachments of: Ball and Cup, Grapes and Cockscomb, and Golden Spoon (heh no I did not make up these names). Offhand Kate only likes the flat side of the Golden Spoon and essentially thinks the rest are garbage, but every girl is different. With that consideration I think it is also a sign that one can buy the Eroscillator with just the Golden Spoon for their most basic offering.

The Ultra Soft Finger Tip attachment looks like it could be a good fit for Kate, but at $40 cost I couldn't bring myself to buy one yet. Hell one can get a pretty decent dildo for that much, there is just no excuse costing that much. Apparently since they make the Eroscillator last so long they try and make up their money on accessories with some pretty serious price gouging. More attachments are offered such as the Seven Pearls of the Orient which looks like a lost cause trying to be a vaginal stimulator or the French Legionnaire's Moustache which appears to be more of a sensory tease piece if anything. The G-point attachment also seems to be just a remix of the Ball and Cup. It would be different if these were just fun extra pieces to try, but they cost $30 and up on their own or must be purchased with deluxe sets. On the subject of the Top Deluxe combo, it offers a motor with around 30% more power which may be a good fit for those who know they like a lot of power in their toys. For example if you are one of the few who prefer to use the Magic Wand on high the Top Deluxe may be a good fit, but the standard core Eroscillator will be plenty enough for most people.

With the business tip being overall small it is a great feature during sex allowing the Eroscillator to sneak in use during more positions than a big ol' wand. Kate can have a little trouble cumming from just sex alone, but the Eroscillator gets er' done every time. Although great for couples use, the cord issue is also highlighted being a bit of a pain having to make sure it is plugged in at all and to not get caught up in either of our limbs. I think it is a good idea to have the core version corded, but in this day and age, there should also be a cordless Eroscillator. Make it a little bigger if you have to, make it have a fancy rechargeable battery that I know will eventually have to be replaced, whatever I find the convenience worth it.

Overall the Eroscillator is a bit expensive, ugly to most, and has some quirks, but in the end it performs like a boss. One of the main hurdles is finding out which attachment is best for you, which could end up an expensive journey, however the experience is awesome once all dialed in. Based on our experience, we think the core basic version (going currently for $109) is a reasonable start to for those wanting to minimize risk to see if the Eroscillator is for them. If you already know you are a fan of sensation variety though, it could be worth trying the 2 plus / soft finger combo package. Out of that attachment pile, you are pretty much guaranteed to have one that will work well for you.

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