Kitty Denied vigorously reviews's modern take on the classic Magic Wand vibrator along with many of the snazzy attachments. (For science of course)

I’ll start off by saying that the irony of a chastity girl reviewing vibrators is not lost on me. While I spend a good amount of time playing in my belts, Sir eventually gives me some free time and lets me cum after he’s had all his fun and is completely satisfied.
I definitely have a wandering eye when it comes to sex toys and BDSM gear. I’m always looking for the next big thing, but somehow I’ve managed to stay faithful to my Hitachi for over 10yrs. Yes, I have other vibrators like the Lelo, the O-wand, and the eroscillator… but the Hitachi is kind of it’s own thing in terms of power so I never thought to upgrade or replace it until we saw the Kink Power Wand
The KPW is’s official wand (manufactured by Doc Johnson), and it’s been thoroughly tested on all of their sluts so I knew it would be a good match for me as well.
I’m not gonna lie about the initial reason I wanted it.. the color did it for me. I fell in love with the uniform black color with the red accents and very identifiable Kink and Doc Johnson Logos on the handle.


This gives it a clean look vs. the white and blue Hitachi that has more of a medical look to it (in my opinion). I’ve always felt like it was white so people could pretend like it’s really for your sore muscles, but I have yet to meet a person that actually uses it that way.

I’ve noticed that the white plastic of my Hitachi has yellowed over time. Granted it’s been well over 10 years, but still. It’s something that I don't really show off to people or use in pics because someone will be all judgy and say “why is it so yellow? Looks dirty? Eww.”

The black color of the kink wand goes great with a lot of the traditional BDSM gear and it looks great against skin when shooting pics and videos (if that's your thing).

The handle of the KPW is covered with a matte black material that has a little bit of a velvety feel to it. Not white- won’t yellow over time

The head is made of silicone, and is softer than the original Hitachi. That being said, I really only use the side of the head when I’m playing with it by myself, and that part is a little more firm like the head of the Hitachi.

For the sake of slut science I tested it in my pink pillow (AKA: poor man’s Sybian) so I could determine once and for all if the softer head was nicer on my pussy, and it actually was. The only drawback to using this is that when i use the pillow I can't access the speed control buttons so I have to use a dimmer switch to make adjustments, but the softer head is nicer to hump for sure. As a side note - you can use any standard Hitachi attachments on the KPW head.

The head on the KPW is removable for cleaning, but it has a padded lining so you can’t like put it in the dishwasher or anything. I don't think my Hitachi head is removable- or if it is it’s a huge hassle. A removable head might be nice feature for if using on more than one partner so you can thoroughly clean each time.

The neck is also removeable although I did not test this out because it looks like I’d need a screwdriver and that’s a road we don’t want to travel down.

The KPW is 12.5 inches long, and it has a generous cord that’s about 11ft long to deliver formidable, uninterrupted, power. This means it’s not waterproof, but the extra long cord means you don’t have to be as close to a power outlet in order to use it. For some reason having it plugged in puts my mind at ease and I can relax better while using it. When using rechargeable wands I’m always worried it’s taking me too long to cum and the battery is going to run out, which has literally never ever happened even one time... but I still worry about it. So having the plug in makes a difference to me, and I like it.

It also comes with a universal adaptor for travel which may be a perk for some people.


Admittedly, I fell in love with with KPW on looks alone because I’m the perfect mix of shallow and fetishist so having the right aesthetic gets you pretty far with me, but I could have just as easily fallen out of love if it turned out to be difficult to use come business time.

You can probably guess that I’m not the type of person that reads owners manuals, and I’ll take that one step further by admitting that I don’t even read instructions when putting together furniture because ain’t nobody got time for that.

So if I get a new toy and it’s not easy to use right out of the box I get super frustrated. This usually happens when makers try to get all fancy and give the toy a minimalist appearance. They take away buttons and then give the remaining buttons little icons that are pretty but meaningless. The international sign for “on” is not a squiggly line with an apostrophe.

One area where the KPW really excels is with its buttons and settings. On the KPW there are 3 buttons: (+), (squiggly line), and (-). It's obvious what they do, so no user’s manual required. All you do is plug it in and press the (+) button and it’s on. Press it again to go up to the next speed, then the (-) to go down and so on. The squiggly button changes vibration patterns. A small blue light above the buttons lets you know it’s on.

The buttons are easy to feel. They stick up and have a different texture than the rest of the handle so they are easy to find in the dark. When you press them they give a little ‘click’ noise that I find satisfying.

My only tiny complaint is that the space between the side of the button and the handle is wide enough to collect sexy time related messes and fuzz, but it’s small enough to make it a little bit of a hassle to get clean. And by “hassle” I mean, all you need to do is wipe it a couple extra times and worst case scenario, I use one of those disposable mascara brushes and the bristles get in there and clean it easily. This is not at all something that most people would even notice or care about. I’m just being extra picky for the sake of the review.


The Hitachi I’m using to compare the KPW to is one of the original old school wands with 2 settings controlled by a toggle switch. The low setting is pretty rowdy and definitely needs a warm up (with a more gentle vibrator) or you will break your pussy in a hurry. The high setting will break your pussy even with a warm up and it’s the “scorched earth” of settings. It wants to kill you and your whole family too.

The Hitachi’s "toggle switch of chance" is easier to accidentally flip into overdrive than I care for. I have feelings about this, and they are not important but I prefer the KPW buttons to the toggle switch of pussy melt.

Being the good slut research scientist that I am, I quickly went to work comparing the speeds of the Hitachi to the KPW. All the websites and the box states the KPW has 8 speeds.

Speed #3 on the KPW matches the “low” setting on Hitachi, and speed #6 on the KPW matches the “high” setting on the Hitachi. I was thinking to myself “Oh shit there are still 2 more levels,” but the KPW didn’t increase in intensity after speed #6.

*play scratched record noise*

I wasn’t sure if my wand was defective so I double checked the Kink site, and then the Doc Johnson site. I even checked some other vendors… all say 8 speeds. I was concerned that maybe it was defective so I messaged my contact over at the Kink Store and got a speedy response telling me it’s true that there are only 6 speeds, and thanking me for letting them know because this is something that had not yet been noticed or reported.

So, there are only 6 speeds on the KPW. In the end, the max speed of the KPW matches up perfectly with my Hitachi. This is not a bad thing because 6 speeds is more than plenty of power for most people. The ability to ramp up slowly makes using the wand more enjoyable and gives more options for teasing in the beginning, and forced orgasms in the end.

The separate (+) and (-) buttons on the KPW make transitioning from a lower speed setting to a higher speed setting and back down again more enjoyable. On other vibrators you would have to cycle through all the speed levels if you wanted to go down a notch. This is super distracting and drives me crazy. This is a perfect example of how buttons affect your experience.

The typo issue aside, I admit that 6 speeds is more than enough to get the job done. 8 speeds would only make sense if it were more powerful. I understand that nobody is perfect and mistakes are made so it’s not a big deal. My issue is that it's been several weeks since I notified Kink, and DJ and the typo not been corrected on any websites. This feels weird to me. This is especially weird for the Kink site because they have excellent customer service and I can’t imagine they would want to misrepresent their product line. I doesn’t make sense that they would want to create extra hassle for themselves in this way. So there’s got to be more to this story on this than I know. I’m still very surprised that I’m the first customer to notice.


The KPW matches up pretty evenly with the Hitachi in sound level. They’re both loud. But I’d have to say that anyone who’s planning on using one of these doesn't have “Whisper Quiet” listed #1 on their requirements.

If you want lots of power and endless orgasms, you’re gonna have to accept that it’s going to make noise. The amount of power the KPW gives is like one step below something that requires gasoline and a pull start.. So don’t expect it to be to quiet. It's not deafeningly loud, but it means business and it gets shit done.

I do notice some rattling noises when it’s on the lower settings and when certain vibration patterns are activated. It was concerning to me for awhile, but after some research I determined this to be a normal part of the operation. The rattling definitely does not affect the function. I was even able to find another teeny review online that said the same thing about the rattle. It’s minimal, but it’s there. Don’t be alarmed by it.

The rattling occurs mostly on lower the levels - specifically 1 and 2, but goes away at higher speeds. I don’t believe this to be something faulty with the motor. My Hitachi does not rattle on Low or High, but I tested it using a dimmer switch to match the lower speed, and it made some rattling noises too. I think that’s just the function of the motor.



The KPW offers 8 different vibration patterns to play with. This can add some fun elements to your play and makes it impossible to get bored with the wand.

To activate a different vibration pattern you just press the center (squiggly line) button, and continue pressing to cycle through all 8. Side note: This is one scenario where it’s acceptable to have one button for the function.

The patterns are arranged in a way that doesn't make them startling to cycle through if that makes sense. For example it doesn't go from gently rolling wave to a rowdy mix of wtf is happening? Is it punching me?

I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity for extra orgasms because nowadays most orgasms require prior approval from Sir with the exception being vibrator testing for science. So I managed to find an acceptable rationale to personally test each pattern individually for an entire cum session so I could give my opinion on them… for science.

#1 This is the normal straight vibe

#2, #3, #4 Are pulsating patterns on low, medium, and high. I like that they are sequential. I was able to set the speed lower (as not to break my pussy), and changing the patterns made it feel more intense and give a feeling of ramping up. I was definitely able to cum using these patterns.

#5 This pattern gives a nice slow increase then stays at the max setting for a couple beats then drops quickly back down low. You can use it on a higher setting because it drops down to low pretty fast so you don’t get overstimulated, but for whatever reason my pussy didn't have any remarkable feelings about this one. I think the sharp drop off was a problem? I don't know. That being said, If i had to choose between playing with the toy on this pattern or being locked in a chastity belt, I’d immediately fall in love with #5. It’s a different enough feeling from the rest of the patterns so I think it’s a good addition and theres gotta be a pussy out there that will love it. I eventually switched back to the straight vibe to cum with this one.

#6 This one has a nice rhythm. It has a slow increase then stays on high for a short time, followed by an equally slow decrease. I was definitely able to cum with this one because of how it pauses on high for just enough time to be fun but not overstimulating and then the transitions down and up were slower and more rhythmic. This is my favorite pattern and worked well for me on a medium setting.

#7 This pattern teases me soooooo bad… not really enough of a constant vibe at the top to get super close to cumming and not much of a break at the low setting to recover. This is good for ramping up and I mostly used it on a lower setting. I would describe it as a more gentle feeling than the pulsating patterns (2,3,4). For me, this pattern was easy to misuse and caused a numb pussy. I switched back to the straight vibe to try and cum, but my numb pussy prevented it, and I will give deets on that later.

#8 This pattern is kind of a mix of all of them. It has 3 pulses then a straight vibe then 3 more pulses. The jump between pulsating and constant vibe give it a feeling of urgency to it so I used it on a low setting. I wasn't able to cum so I switched back to the straight vibe to make that happen. I wouldn't use this to ramp up because it just isn't rhythmic enough. It’s not a relaxing pattern at all. It’s definitely useful for some forced multiple orgasms because it’s a lot of feelings at once.

Overall, the pattern choices feel planned out and they flow nicely. They are different enough from each other to give a unique sensations that you can work into some fun play time. This is a nice change from some of the vibrator wave patterns that feel redundant and basically look like this on the box:

#1 ¯\_ツ_/¯
#2 ( • )( • )ԅ(‾⌣‾ԅ)

Pro tip: If you are just using the straight vibe and you accidently hit the pattern button instead of hitting an up or down button you can hold the (-) to shut it off then press the (+) button and it will turn back on with the standard straight vibe on low.

Something I noticed while testing was that the blue “on” light seems to kind of blink and dim with the rhythm of the patterns. I don’t know if this is intentional or what purpose this would serve. I suppose an “on” light is helpful in general or maybe even a design requirement. I only mention it because I thought it was strange and don’t want you to think you have a faulty unit if yours does the same.

I’m also mentioning the light because it’s located in a little recessed pinhole, so you could possibly get some body fluids in there if you’re being an extra freaky slut… but I haven’t had any trouble with that so this is purely speculation.


Sheer motherfucking power is what sets this wand apart. It’s absolutely the most powerful hand held vibrator I own. The only thing in my arsenal of pussy toys that’s more powerful is the Sybian and that's a completely different experience that maybe we’ll talk about some day. That’s not to say that other more powerful hand held vibrators don’t exist, I’m just saying the kink wand offers way more power than anyone could ever need and its at the top of the food chain in my world.

Power is important because I sometimes have a hard time cumming during play. I’m plagued by these intrusive thoughts about taking too long to cum and worrying that Sir is bored (I know this makes no sense). So the result is that I’ll get super close to cumming then just completely lose the feeling cause I’m worried about something, then i get worried because I lost the feeling, then it takes even longer to cum because I have to relax again.

Over the years as I got more comfortable with my body, and as Sir got meaner it became evident that my only purpose is to please his cock and he really doesn’t care if I cum at all. This turned out to be an insanely hot concept to me. It took the focus off of me and helped me relax because I’m not longer worried about the things that don’t matter anyway. As mean as Sir is, I suspect that he still wants me to be able to cum during play which is why I usually get the opportunity to do so. There’s usually some testing related scenario where the vibe is used as a tool for him to determine if I suck cock better with it on or not and is followed by lots of punishment… but during the time when I get the chance to cum it's much easier for me to do it because of the theme that he doesn’t fucking care if I do or not.

My point to all of this is that pussies are complicated and sometimes girls get close to cumming on a purely physical level, but the mental aspects take over and ruin it. The KPW is powerful enough to push anyone over the edge when that happens and will take my cum decision making skills away away from me if that’s what’s required for the scene.

I want to be clear that even though it has a ton of power, and it can be used to force enough orgasms to make me forget my own name I’m still able to use it on lower settings so not every session needs a gag to keep the neighbors from calling the cops.

As far as the actual science and specs go, the max power of the KPW feels the same as the Hitachi. So much so that I would assume that they have very similar if not the same type of motor? I’m just guessing here.. But with both of them on side by side and on high, I cannot tell the difference.

As a good reviewer I wondered if there was an objective way to show how powerful the KPW is because simply saying that it melts my pussy isn’t enough. So I did some research for all my numbers focused boys out there and I learned way more about RPMs than I ever needed to know, which by the way did nothing for my pussy in the way of making it wet.

It was easy to find the RPMs are for the Hitachi
The Magic Wand Original offers the following:
5,000 RPM (low)
6,000 RPM (high)
The Newer Magic Wand Rechargeable offers:
2,700 RPM
3,800 RPM
5,400 RPM
6,300 RPM

Ok, to be honest still have no idea what I can compare the RPMs to in order to give a sense of how powerful this thing is but I fairly positive 6000 RPMs is a lot. I’m assuming this info will make sense and be helpful to someone out there so I tried to find the KPW RPMs as well.

I looked on both the kink website and the Doc Johnson site and there wasn’t any RPM info on there (but the incorrect speed information still there, heh). Randomly found out that some toy makers keep the RPMs a secret because … I don’t know why… but theres gotta be some conspiracy theory I can investigate at a later time.

The KPW didn’t come with any type of instructions or a booklet, so as a last resort I checked the box. The box boasts a blistering 700 (seven hundred) RPMs, lol. I was fairly positive that this was another typo so I took the opportunity to contact the Kink and DJ for clarification.

Turns out this was another typo and officially - The KPW has 7000 RPMs. Now I’m confused. The max level on the Hitachi feels exactly the same as the max level of the KPW so someone is cooking the books or the additional RPMs don’t make a difference. On my Hitachi the difference between 5000 rpm’s (low) and 6000 rpms (high) is huge, so I would have to assume that the additional 1000 RPMs the KPW has should be noticeable?

Either way, whatever the actual number of RPMs is- the KPW have plenty of power so this is more of a production problem vs an actual problem you should be concerned with.

In exchange for all the power, it’s a little bit heavy. It weighs in at 1.34 lbs which is about the same as the Hitachi (1.31lbs). The weight doesn’t bother me at all, but if you have grip or wrist issues it’s something to consider. As a solution you could have a partner hold i for you or possibly use some extras like a wand holder or one of those pillows that holds it for you I havent tried either of those.. Just possible suggestions.


During one particularly long testing session I noticed the handle of the wand was getting fairly warm. Like, warm enough to be distracting and make me move my hand. I thought it was odd, but managed to power through and finish.

After my usual post-cum nap I did some investigation into this heat issue because I’ve never had this problem with any toys doing this, but more importantly, this was a golden opportunity to have a bunch of extra cums that don’t require prior approval, hehe… in the name of science!

Before I went all myth busters with temperature gauges and side by side testing tried to see if there was a difference in how I actually use the KPW vs the Hitachi, and there definitely was. I like a deeper rumble feeling from my vibrators so I noticed I tend to push down on the head with the KPW more than I do with the Hitachi. The only reason I can push down and create that deep rumble is because the KPW has lower speed settings. The Hitachi is too powerful even on low to do this so I use it in a more superficial way.

My theory is that pressing down with the head puts more stress on the motor and maybe makes it work harder and heat up? Seems legit to me so I did some additional testing to see if I was crazy or if the kink wand was actually hotter.

I have one of those laser temperature testers that measures surface temp. Why do I have one of those you ask?..I watch a lot of ghost hunter shows and I was home alone for a week and thought my house was haunted. Apparently a cold spot could mean I found a ghost; but thankfully it’s not. Still not sure what the plan was going be after finding said ghost, lol.

So I waited until both my Hitachi and the kink wand were back to normal room temp and tested them. The starting surface temp of both wands was about 77 degrees.

The first thing I wanted to see was if there was a temp difference just from being on and just running without being touched or any other factors, so I turned them both on high and let them run side by side while I lamented all the orgasms i could be having right then, but needed to refrain. After 20 mins the Hitachi surface temp was 83 and the Kink want surface temp was 98. I felt them with my hands and the kink wand was noticeably warmer, but not so warm that you like can’t hold on to it… but warmer nonetheless.

To test my theory that pressing down on the head makes the motor work harder and thus heat up hotter and faster I did a similar experiment. I waited til they were both totally cool and then propped them up in a way to put some pressure on the head at an angle as equally as I could and turned them both on high. The starting temp of both was around 77, and after 20 mins the warmest reading on the Hitachi was 97 , but the kink wand was even warmer at 111- which was pretty darn warm, but won’t like melt your hand off (for comparison drinkable coffee is between 120-140). This would obviously represent the most intense usage and I highly doubt anyone would ever use it in this was for that amount of time so the heat shouldn’t be a big problem during real world usage.

I did one final test to more accurately represent the way I use it in real life on a lower setting. I put it on level 3 - which matched up with Hitachi’s level “low” and placed them in the same position with pressure on the head and let them run for 20 mins. Again the wand heated up to 98 degrees after about 10 mins (and it felt exactly how it did when i noticed it during play), and after 20 min the KPW was at 110 degrees. The Hitachi on Low does not heat up as hot or as fast; after 10 mins it was 83 degrees and at 20 mins it was 89 degrees.

My determination is that the KPW does in fact heat up hotter and faster than my Hitachi. Take all that info with a grain of salt because clearly I’m not really a scientist, but I did the best I could, and tested the temperatures in the same location on each wand used an accurate temp gauge. I also made sure I did all of these tests on different days so the units were def back to baseline temp.

A couple of additional observations I made - The KPW has a wider thicker neck that’s not as flexible. This doesn't make it feel any different during use, but may play a role in how hard the motor works since pressing down on the head definitely affected the overall temp. Oddly, I noticed the Hitachi rattles when you press down on the head, but the KPW does not.

Sir suggested that I contact Kink and DJ to ask if there's a recommended maximum run time since the heat could possibly cause some damage in the long term. Again, there is no information regarding run time on either website for the KPW and there are no instructions in the box… sigh.

So I emailed both DJ and Kink to advise of my concerns with the temp and to ask about the max run time. Kink is always a pleasure to communicate with and they told me there aren't any parameters for this.

DJ never answered. They’ve only responded to one of my questions where I erroneously mentioned I saw the 700 RPMs on a website (I really only saw it on the box but wrote website). They wanted to know the exact website I found the 700 RPMs written because they don’t have that on their specs page and they wanted to update the customers and have it changed, so basically calling me out for saying website instead of box? Yikes. I found their focus on where I saw the typo odd since they aren’t updating anyone on the 6 speeds vs. 8 and this is a way bigger problem. I can only assume they are just frustrated that they made lots of production mistakes because I was certainly friendly and only trying to help them out.

Anyway, Just be aware that there isn’t an auto shut off on the KPW like there is on some wands so pay attention to how hot the handle is getting. I went to the Hitachi site and got their run time information and they recommend a max use time of 25 mins with a mandatory 30 min cool down period. I would follow these parameters and adjust as needed for heat concerns.

I balked at this because 25 mins didn’t seem like a lot of time and Sir said, “if takes longer, maybe you shouldn’t be such a needy slut.” He has a point. So... case closed. After that I paid attention to how long i actually use the KPW and at most its 15 minutes.


As a final note, I wanted to mention that these powerful vibrators come with the possibility of overuse resulting in making your pussy numb and rendering it useless for for cumming. (well, useless for the girl - my pussy can still technically be used by Sir to cum in, lol)

So basically- Don’t use it every single time you want to cum, and dont use it on high for too long. That pretty much covers this topic, but in the spirit of oversharing as I always do, lets talk about that time my pussy got numb and I thought I broke it.

Sir and I have been utilizing some cum control in order to keep me on track. On a normal day I usually have to do something slutty, or productive in order to earn cum approval. My sex drive is unusually high for a girl (I cum a minimum of 3 times a day if unsupervised, lol), so he has to keep me on track or I will literally play with my pussy all day, take naps, and get nothing done.

So when I got the wand it was like Christmas because I have permission to cum whenever I want as long as its for testing purposes! So i used it several times a day for a few days… for science. Well, after a few days of that I clearly started building a tolerance.

When I was doing the vibration pattern testing that I mentioned earlier I was trying to cum with the wave pattern and it just wasn't doing it for me because I think I had built up a good tolerance. Apparently I used it on too high of a speed for a little too long and suddenly my pussy just gave up and went numb.

This was pretty awful only because I still REALLY wanted to cum but my pussy was like: SORRY SLUT- NOPE. I had never experienced a numb pussy so it was odd that touching my pussy did literally nothing. Was like touching someone else’s pussy, but not nearly as fun, lol. I finally accepted reality and gave up. My pussy continued to feel like it was buzzing for a long time, so after awhile was like, ok.. I broke my pussy and this is my life now.

I was able to eventually able fall asleep (proving it’s possible to sleep without cumming first- please do not tell this to Sir) and my poor pussy was fine by the time I woke up in the morning so I was able to sneak in that cum I missed out on the night before. YAY! Then I took a few days off from the wand.

The moral of the story is: if you use it too much you will get a numb pussy and become desensitized in general to vibrators. This can be a good or bad thing. Good if you want to torture your slut and know she will never be able to cum, and bad if you really wanted to cum.

To avoid this I would recommend always doing a warm up before transitioning to a higher vibration speed, and to not rely on the wand for every orgasm you have. Its nice that KPW has settings that make it possible to ramp up without enlisting the help from an additional vibrator with lower settings or a dimmer switch.



Since I touched on so many issues here's a summary:
- The kink wand is a fresh take on the Hitachi that we all know and love. It matches the intensity and performance of a Hitachi, but the ability to adjust the speeds and vibration patterns sets it apart. The separate (+) and (-) buttons make it easy to control speed, provide a smooth transition from a low setting to a higher setting and back. This also makes for a nicer transition after I cum. I don’t have to pull it away from my pussy and throw it across the room like it’s covered in spiders. As I start to cum I can just transition the setting down and make the orgasm last a little longer and enjoy it a little more.

- It's loud, but that's expected

- The vibration patterns offered are a fun addition for more teasing options during play.

- Its extremely powerful and good for forcing orgasms on even the most stubborn pussy. In exchange for the power, it’s a little heavier than most vibes, but not unmanageable.

- This wand heats up faster and hotter than the original Hitachi. So pay attention to how hot the handle gets and stop being a greedy slut that takes too long to cum. Speaking of greedy sluts, if you use the wand too much you will become desensitized and/or get a numb pussy.

- There are only 6 speeds and not 8 as advertised on all the sites. Not a deal breaker, but odd to lie about that when selling something that’s expensive. I have contacted both the manufacturer and the Kink store, so they are aware of the discrepancy.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the kink wand as a replacement for your old Hitachi because it’s just as powerful, looks pretty and has useful upgrades on speed control and vibration patterns. I would also recommend purchasing from Kink directly. Their customer service is great, and if something should go wrong they will make it right.

WARRANTY info: Just a heads up that the KPW is covered by a 90 day warranty from DJ.


As if the wand by itself wasn’t enough, there are a bunch of different attachments made by kink that you can try. They’ll fit the Kink Power Wand as well as the Hitachi, so feel free to buy them even if you don’t have the KPW yet. If you already have your KPW keep in mind you can use any standard wand attachment with it.

Just a side note about the head - Since the head of the KPW is designed to come off easily, when switching out attachments the head can come loose and get kinds crooked. This is easy to fix, and doesn't effect how the attachment works I only mention it so you don’t think is abnormal if it happens. Just make sure it's on straight before you get busy. All the attachments I tried stayed on really well during use.


Kink by Doc Johnson ANAL BEADS Wand Attachment

I’m never super excited about putting things in my butt.. So, Sir had to specifically assign a testing session in order to get me to try it. He knows that I’m lazy about any butt related toys unless he assigns me a specific task. If it’s an order from him then I have no choice and it becomes 100% his fault that I’m a slut, heheh.

I always like to go the extra mile when completing a task for Sir so I wore my chastity belt with the rear opening to test the attachment because obviously my pussy isn’t needed for this experiment.

The attachment is made of soft velvet touch silicone thats easy to clean and is a universal size to fit the head of the kink power wand and most wand style vibrators.The beads are a reasonable size, which I appreciate because sometimes ass toys are rowdy big. The smallest balls are plenty small enough for beginners and the size progression is nice. Even if you’re unable to get all the beads in, the vibrations travel nicely from the wand. Although the beads are on the small side, they’re easy to keep in once in. The insertable part is flexible, but firm enough to easily slide in.

I don’t use a lot of vibrating toys on my ass, so wasn’t sure if i was supposed to turn it on before or after inserting. I’m thinking there's no real “right” way… but I got a couple beads in then turned on the wand. As I tested the speeds and vibration patterns, I was surprised just how much I could feel the vibration in the beads. I was also surprised that it vibrates hard enough for my locked up pussy to feel it. An ignored pussy that gets this kind of teasing always results in a slut thats eager to please, so needless to say I managed to get lots of sucking practice in.

I have to admit this was fun experience as far as ass toys go. It definitely didn't hurt to go in, and once it was in I actually enjoyed the teasing, and didn't find myself just wanting to get it out.

Here are some measurement specs for the nerds:
Total Length 8.5 inches
Insertable/Usable Length 5.75 inches
Width/Diameter of the bell part that goes on the wand head: 2.5 in
Depth of the bell part that goes on the wand head 2in
Circumference of the part that goes on the wand head 7.75 inches
Circumference of largest insertable ball: 3.75in
Circumference of smallest ball: 1.25in

Kink by Doc Johnson VAC-U-LOCK Wand Attachment with the THE PERFECT COCK VAC-U-LOCK Dildo

The vac-u-lock wand attachment allows you to use your favorite vac-u-lock dildo with your KPW (or any wand that uses standard attachments).

There are quite a few choices when it comes to vac-u-lock compatible dildos, and I had never used one before, but I figured that the one named “The perfect cock” would be a winner. The dildo comes in 2 sizes: 7.5in, and 10.5in. I chose the smaller one because I prefer a more average cock in general, and I admit the 7.5inch still a little bit bigger than I prefer.. but I can make it work, hehe. The specs for the size I chose are: 7.5in total length, with an insertable/usable length of 6in, Width/Diameter of 2in, Circumference 6in.

It’s made of ULTRASKYN so it feels pretty realistic, especially with the vein texture and curvy shape. It also retains body heat and stays warm while using it, which adds to the realistic feel. My only complaint with that material is that it's slightly tacky when dry so it picks up fuzz and hair… but it feels really nice when wet, so thats a good trade off.

After one use it got kind of a whitish haze.. I thought somehow it was makeup (maybe I got foundation on it?) So I cleaned it thoroughly and even used makeup remover and it's definitely not makeup. I think it's just the material it's made of. Since its not super expensive I’m fine with this.

I don’t often say this about cocks, but it’s a very nice looking cock as well. Sometimes dildos look all weird and unnatural, but this one has a nice shape that agreed quite well with my pussy even if a little bigger than I really want. The dildo is heavy which gives a nice full feeling when inserted, and the exterior is soft, but the core is more firm so it has the right amount of hardness to use effectively.

It comes with its own suction cup, but I wasn’t super pleased with how well it was able to hold the dildo to my mirror (so I could do that thing Sir makes me do where I have to suck on the dildo and have to watch myself being a massive slut). The suction cup held pretty good for awhile, but eventually falls off because the dildo is just too heavy (it weighs in at half a pound). Just to be clear, the vac-u-lock part stays on quite well, the failure was at the suction cup. I believe that we will be able to find a more sturdy suction cup online somewhere, but we have looked for one yet. On the up-side, the suction cup is definitely more reliable in the shower.

Suction cup issues aside, the perfect cock works quite well with the vac-u-lock wand attachment, so it's a good choice as far as vac-u-lock dildos . Using a little “vac-u-lock powder” (which as far as I can tell is just cornstarch) in the hole on the bottom of the dildo will help the peg slide into the dildo easier, and keep it in place.

Just an FYI- If you get too much powder in there, there's a weird little grinding noise that happens as you ride the dildo or move it around. I can only describe it as that noise that happens when you step on fresh dry snow..except not as pleasant. It’s a grinding/crunchy kind of noise, and it will continue to make that noise until you empty out the excess powder. For some reason, it’s like nails on a chalkboard to me so I’m careful to use it sparingly. It doesn't make any noise if you use the proper amount of powder, and you definitely don't need much.

Due to the weight of the dildo and the issues I had with the suction cup I was concerned that it would fall off the wand attachment, but I’m happy to report that it never even came close to falling off. Even with lots of squirming.

As far as actual use goes, I was surprised how much vibration I could feel through through the dildo! The core of the dildo is firm, and I think that helps transfer the vibrations. It gave me plenty of vibration to tease me, but there’s no way I could cum from just that. I still need some direct clitoral stimulation to cum so I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get the head of the wand in contact with my clit. That required getting the dildo in super deep which took some work and a little bit of suffering in order to earn a cum… but this is a good thing because in my world sluts need to be punished for putting things in their greedy pussies and a little bit of suffering in exchange for an orgasm makes everything extra fun.

One final note- the ULTRASKYN dildo takes a couple extra steps to keep it nice. You can wash it with mild soap like you would any other toy, but unless you like fuzz all over your toys you need a lint free cloth to pat dry. Then after it’s completely dry you will need to lightly dust with some talc-free toy powder or cornstarch before storing it. Also, keep in mind that the material is porous so it can never be fully sterilized no matter what you clean it with. That's not a problem you're just using it on yourself, but keep that in mind if planning to share with others… or if you do butt stuff with it.

Overall, I really like the perfect cock and the option to use it with the wand! It adds some fun punishment and teasing options to all the other methods Sir uses to keep me in line. The cock itself is pretty and feels very realistic. It’s a little needy with all its powder issues, porous surface and the fact it gathers every stray hair in your house, but that’s made up for with the realistic feel that retains heat and give a nice full feeling due to the weight.

Kink by Doc Johnson G-SPOT Wand Attachment

Girls usually have clitoral orgasms or G-spot orgasms. That’s not to say there aren’t unicorns out there that can cum from both, but I can only cum from clitoral stimulation. To be honest, I didn’t even know where my g-spot was until I was in my mid 20’s. I read something in a magazine saying how to find it and how mind blowing it is to cum that way. So I got down to business as soon as I had a minute alone and worked on having that mind-blowing orgasm I’m missing out on… long story short, it never happened.

i’m going to inset a little caveat here- I’m a medical professional with many years of anatomy and physiology under my belt and a I’m super familiar with my pussy, yet I was never able to find this magical spot on my body until I read a dumb magazine article that was mostly full of lies… So, just in case you don’t know how to find a girl’s G-spot, I’m happy to share the secret.. slide a finger in the vagina and make the “come hither” gesture. The G-spot is up at the top in the front. Its about the size of a quarter and the only thing that makes it identifiable is that there are little ridges on it.

I was excited when I found mine, but the shock and awe was short lived because it really doesn’t do much in the way of getting me close to cumming. All it does for me is make me feel like I have to pee if there’s too much focus on it. So there’s that. Over the years I’ve learned that G-spot toys are sometimes a little too intense for me and put too much pressure there and take all the fun away because all I can think is - I HAVE TO PEE.

This is why I wasn’t overly optimistic that the G-spot attachment would be a good match for me, but I care about slut science and I’m dedicated to testing toys and cumming so I was happy to give it a shot.

The G-spot attachment is made from high grade silicone and will fit on most standard sized wand style vibrators. The insertable part is about 3.5in in length and is slim and firm but still a little bendable. When I slid it in I was happy that it doesn't have an aggressive angle to it so it doesn't put too much pressure on my g-spot unless I’m specifically going for that- in which case the shorter length totally hits the spot just by adjusting the wand.

The shorter length let me fully insert it so I could easily get the vibrating head on my clit, and the vibrations travelled down the firm insertable part way better than I thought it would. In the end, having my pussy vibrated deep inside, and getting some wand action on my clit at the same time made me cum soooooooo hard.

I also found that it’s good for teasing and just generally making me aware of my pussy and how much I want to be fucked. I’m painfully aware that unless it’s used in a specific way with the head on my clit I won’t cum from it, thus reminding me that my focus should be on pleasing Sir’s cock and not on my greedy pussy if I ever hope to please him enough to be allowed to cum.

So, this attachment is totally Kitty approved, hehe. Even if you’re a clitoral girl, this attachment is worth a shot because the vibrations are so strong and the combo of deep vibration with clitoral stimulation is pretty epic.

This attachment is also sold as a “P-spot” toy for the boys, and I’d imagine it would work well based on the small size of the insertable part (wouldn’t be as scary to boys that don’t put things in their butts all the time), and the fact that the vibrations travel down the tip really well. The small/firm tip makes it easy to focus the vibrations exactly where you want them to go.

Kink by Doc Johnson COCK STROKER Wand Attachment

I got a chance to try out a couple cock attachments as well. Since I only have a vagina, I knew I was going to have to enlist the help of a local cock. Thankfully, I was able to convince my very vanilla boyfriend to try out something new. For the record, Sir and my boyfriend are 2 different people.
He’s not the most adventurous in bed (which makes my job pretty damn easy, heheh) So needless to say, this was a pretty big leap for him as he’s never used anything like this in his life. I tried to get him to use them privately because I figured he might be more comfortable doing so, but he thought that would be even weirder and was complaining that he didn’t know how to use them, so I mustered up what little Domming ability I have and used the toys on him.
It’s also a life hack for blow jobs! So the whole internet knows me as having a super intense desire to suck Sirs cock, but somehow that only applies to him. I literally want zero other cocks in my mouth, lol. I almost never suck my boyfriends cock because I’m just not that into it, and he never insists on it (and we’ve been together almost 16 years.. I think i’m only obligated to give blow jobs for the first 5 yrs, right? :p.

So I loaded the cock stroker up with water soluble lube and it slid on easily. It makes a predictable mess, but sex is never a very clean situation… so I recommend sitting on a towel. I used a lot of lube because I was a little concerned that it might not slide on that easily due to the fact that he’s an insanely well endowed man (which is totally a curse, but I’ll save those stories for another day), but the soft and flexible material stretched and it slid on well. Using the wand as a handle it was easy to slide it up and down and he said he enjoyed the textures inside. I wasn’t able to get him to verbalize just *how* good it felt, and to be fair he doesn’t have anything to compare it with since this was literally the first ever cock toy he’s used.

I was able to push it all the way down to the base of his cock and do that lazy thing girls do when they aren’t really into giving blowjobs and just suck the tip and use the toy to do all the hard up and down work. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this made my job.

Sitting on the tantra chair i had him hold the wand and I was able to put the tip of his cock in my pussy and get my clit close enough to the head of the wand to sneak in a cum - which was very nice. So I can say that this toy is more than just a masturbater.. You can totally use it with a partner.

I would def recommend that girls get this for their boyfriends .. you never know when you’re gonna need to ask them something important like “can we get a puppy” and we all know those critical kinds of questions reqire a blow job. This will def up your BJ game (while making it easy for you), and you’ll totally get a puppy.

Kink by Doc Johnson COCK TEASER Wand Attachment

Having tried the cock stroker I figured the cock teaser would feel about the same to him or maybe be less fun, but that’s not the case. He says the little spikey tips on the inside feel great, and he really likes the suction that can be created when there’s a lot of lube in there.
All the extra lube kinda drips down and is great for assisting with a handjob.

Cumming into the tip means there's less mess to deal with so that was nice as well.
This toy is also another life hack. Its a handjob hack! Twisting the top around
Both attach nicely to the tip of the wand and do not slide off or otherwise move, and are easy to clean with soap and water.

My only complaint about both of the cock toys is that they are clear and and definitely more cheaply made than the other attachments I tested… but this is ok because the price matches the quality, and its not really the kind of toy you would buy and keep forever. The clear material got a little hazy after just one use.. But that didn't seem to affect how it works.

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