The O-Wand is a luxury wand vibrator made by Mr. & Mrs. Toy. Its rechargeable, waterproof and proclaims to be the world’s most powerful rechargeable wand massager. I immediately fell in love with the classy black and gold color scheme, and the ergonomic design that makes it look so comfy to use.

Before I got the wand I did some research on their site and noticed that the O-Wand is the only product that Mr & Mrs.Toy manufactures and sells (aside from the attachments). My first thought was that this shows an extraordinary confidence in their craftsmanship and likely means that it’s very well designed, so I was super hopeful it would be a winner.

The O-Wand appears to be similar in a lot of ways to the Lelo large smart wand so I will be comparing the two throughout this review as reference is needed. The Lelo Large Smart Wand is a wireless rechargeable vibrator thats waterproof, has a similar ergonomic shape, multiple setting/intensity levels and has the same soft black silicone cover with silver accents on the handle.

So the first thing I’m going to rave about is the free international shipping. I’m located in the US and the package arrived from the UK within 48 hours. I’m not sure what kind of witchcraft they use but this time frame is incredible and definitely something to think about.

The shipping box is plain as one would expect, so no worries about the mailman finding out you’re a slut … pretty sure mine already knows, hehe. The O-Wand box inside is covered in a thoughtfully designed sleeve showing a glossy picture of the wand that stands out nicely against the matte black background. All the product info is listed on the back, and it proclaims in shiny rose gold letters to be the world's most powerful rechargeable massager. Of course that means the first thing I thought was, “Hmmmm.. We’ll see about that.”

After you remove the outer sleeve the actual box is all black with a small O-Wand logo on the lid. The box itself is nice and thick and closes with magnets.

When you open the box there's another lid to lift off, and removing that reveals the glorious OWAND sitting in foam cut out topped with shiny rose gold making it look just as fancy as anticipated. There's also another cut out that contains the O-Burst attachment, and a small black box with the universal charger. The user's manual is in a small pocket under the main lid. Overall a beautiful presentation that matches what one would expect in a high end luxury wand. It also comes with a draw string a bag that’s good for storage and travel.

I fully admit that I’m a packaging whore and you could sell me a box of poisonous spiders if they’re in a nice enough container. I always save the boxes that come with fancy jewelry and re-use them for things, so packaging is important to me.

The O-Wand is made of fully waterproof non-porous silicone. It has the same velvet feel of the Lelo, but a thicker coating that makes it feel just a little more luxurious. This is most noticeable around the egg shaped head making the sides if it ever so slightly squishy. The matte black color of the O-Wand contrasts nicely with the shiny rose gold accents inside the handle giving it a very high end fancy look. The sleek black blends in well all my lingerie and bondage gear and isn’t distracting during a scene like a neon yellow one might be.


Picking up the O-Wand out of the box I was s little surprised with the weight. The O-Wand definitely has some heft to it, weighing in at 1lb 8oz (714g). The Lelo weighs 14.3oz (405g).

Comparing the two, I notice that the weight distribution is fairly even throughout the O-Wand so it doesn't feel awkward to hold in any position. The weight of the Lelo concentrated in the neck and head.

Lelo- 12 inches
O-Wand- 13 inches


The first thing I did after getting it out of the box was locate the universal charger (it comes with several international plug types you can switch out) and plug it in.. except I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

I got the user’s manual out and scoured it for instructions, but all I could discern from it is that you plug the 5/8" tip-positive plug (looks like headphones jack) into the lightening bolt on the end. Ok...But there’s no hole. I literally got a magnifying glass out and looked to see if there's some perforated part that will pop open when I press on it, but there’s nothing.

I lightly pushed and it gave a good amount of resistance and I was convinced I was breaking it so I stopped, and took to the internet to find a review or comment somewhere that might give me some reassurance that I’m not breaking this beautiful piece of art by stabbing it with a pokey charger, but came up short.

I did find one other reviewer who gave a reasonable verbal account of what to do but it was more of a complaint than instructions so I will be sure to share some clear photos to accompany my explanation.

So, to plug it in you will have to actually pierce the lightning bolt with the tip of the plug. After you pierce the silicone you will need to feel around a bit to find the port. You can make this easier on yourself by holding the wand in your hand vertically (the buttons will be facing your palm) so the lightning bolt faces the ceiling. Then the port will be straight up and down so you can just stab straight down until you feel it click in place. There will be some resistance at first, but once you have it in the port correctly it’s pretty easy to push in the rest of the way.

When you pull back on it you can feel the silicone slightly separate from the unit- which is a little concerning, but it snaps back in place once you pull the prong out. There will be a tiny knick in the silicone, but it self seals and remains waterproof and fully submersible.

I admit that not having a visible port is adds to the look so I’m actually ok with this design feature after I figured out how it works. I do however wish there were better instructions on how to plug it in since its a little frightening the first time. It’s easier to plug in after the first time.

While charging I was a little concerned because there wasn't a light on the handle to indicate its charging, but the the charger has a light so you know it’s working. It will come on indicating its plugged in, and when the wand is attached the light will turn red and and then back to green when charging is complete. The O-Wand it will not work while charging. I suppose the fact that the unit doesn’t light up while charging or flash distractingly means you can plug it in, and set it on the bedside table and it wont bother you while you’re trying to rest.

The buttons on the Lelo flash while charging and you can use it while charging. This isn’t a plus or minus in my book. The charger is shorter so if you have to use while plugged in, I hope you plan on being near an outlet. Also, its white so it’s visually distracting to look at.

The O-Wand has 3 buttons: There’s a power button, a pattern button, and a speed button. They’re in a great location on the wand and are easy to see while using the unit.

The buttons are very tactile making them easy to feel without looking down, and they’re backlit with a very soft red light if you do need to look down. You have to push the buttons down kinda far and they have a nice satisfying “click” so it’s less likely you’ll accidently press the wrong button just by brushing it. The power button is slightly smaller than the other two which also helps identification without looking down.

The O-Wand has a feature called a “travel lock” to prevent it from being activated while in a suitcase or bag. This means that in order to turn the unit on you have to press and hold the on/off button for 3 second. After 3 seconds the buttons will light up red and that means it’s in a kind of standby mode and is ready to use. You can then press the pattern, and speed buttons to activate the vibration.

After shutting off the vibration the red light behind the buttons will remain on so you have to remember to hold the power button again for 3 seconds to completely power it down. I forget to turn it completely off almost 100% of the time so I find this travel lock feature to be a mild annoyance. Thankfully, I don't think it drains the battery enough to interfere with playtime if left on overnight, but it might be nice if it had automatic shutdown feature that would power it completely off if left in this “standby” mode for too long.

I can see how this feature might be helpful, but I don’t travel with it enough to be worried that I’m going to trip the switch. To be honest, I don’t think it would be that easy to accidentally trip the switch because you have to press down until it clicks so this kinda feels like overkill. If I was that worried about it turning itself on I would just travel with it in the box.


The middle button is the pattern button. There are 7 different patten rhythms you can cycle through. It has a preset speed meaning you can not turn the overall intensity up or down. For example, you cannot pick a wave pattern and then decide you want the same pattern but on a lower setting.

I dont think I’ve ever seen this before. Usually you can adjust the speed even on preset patterns so at first I thought this was weird, but after using it for awhile I can see that it makes sense. I believe the rationale behind this is that the wave patterns go from low to high anyway so you don't really need to change the overall intensity because the pattern itself gives a good range. While it may reduce some speed choices for the user, it makes the wand less complicated to use and that’s a bonus in my book.

I personally find the overall intensity of the vibration patterns to be too powerful for me. This doesn’t mean I cant use it or that its not fun, it just means that I have to move the head around a bit so it’s not directly on my clit otherwise it’s a little over stimulating to me. I’m definitely able to achieve the intended teasing of the patterns by directing the vibrations with the egg shaped head, and more power is always better than not enough power so I’m happy with it in general. When I read other girls reviews about various vibrators they always seem to love lots of power so I’m confident that other girls would like this, and I’m sure this could be used to force some orgasms on me, so it definitely has a purpose.

The number of patterns to choose from is a little distracting. There are 7 of them. The first 4 are oscillating waves that increase in intensity which are nice. The 5th is a more erratic wave pattern, and the last 2 are even more erratic and almost redundant.

Since you have to cycle through all 7 patterns to get back to the one you want, I think less choices are better. You can use the power button to make it a little easier if you find yourself in a confusing loop of “which number am I on? “ Let's say you want #2 but you accidentally passed it and are on #4. Instead of cycling through all of them you can hit the power button and it will stop the vibrations and put it in standby mode. Then you can press the patten button again and you will be on #1.

If you don’t want to stop the vibrations completely you can do the same thing with the speed button. Press it one time and it will switch to the lowest straight vibe setting #1, then you can press the pattern button again and be back on pattern #1, and continue pressing until you get to the one you want.

Overall, I think the pattern options let you mix it up and keep play interesting. The buttons are fairly intuitive once you understand that the speeds are preset and you cannot adjust them.

The speed button (the button with the arrow) will turn on the straight vibration and cycle you through 4 speed settings. You would think that 4 levels isn’t enough, but it definitely is.

Having only 4 speeds to choose from makes it less distracting to cycle through the settings so I can appreciate that.

I find that I use mine on level 1 and 2 most of the time, and have no problem cumming. 3 and 4 and very powerful so those settings are reserved for when I’ve been using the wand to much and I’m a little desensitized and for some good old fashioned forced orgasm when I’m being a greedy slut.

The power of the O-Wand is impressive to say the least, but under close scrutiny I found the max power of the O-Wand to be comparable with the max power of the Lelo, if not the same. That being said, both are super powerful. Neither one is as powerful as a (plug in) hitachi, but they’re a close second and more than enough powerful to get the job done, and then some.

The quality of the vibration is what sets the O-Wand apart in a big way, and is unlike any vibrator I’ve played with before.


The difference in vibration quality between the Lelo and the O-Wand is like the difference between a sports car and a luxury car. A sports car is lighter and has a ton of power but less attention is paid to comfort. A luxury car is designed for comfort and for you to enjoy the journey.

The Lelo would be the sports car has lots of power and a quite frankly a deeper rumble. The neck is stiffer and the head is the standard shape so it vibrates entire areas with less pinpoint accuracy. The deeper rumble of the Lelo means you can feel the vibrations in the handle a lot more. It does the job for sure but in the standard expected manner and through power alone.

The O-Wand takes vibrator technology as we know it one step further- keeping the power but making the motor smooth and luxurious. The trade off for this additional engineering is added weight to the unit but I feel it’s well worth it based on the resulting orgasm quality that I’ll discuss shortly.

The neck of the O-Wand is more flexible and the egg shaped head gives the user more accuracy directing the vibrations, making it possible to enjoy the more of the vibrations during an orgasm.

I was very impressed at how little the handle vibrates during use especially for having such a seemingly large motor. This speaks to the craftsmanship and attention to detail of the design and is definitely a plus.

Another feature that sets the O-Wand apart is the ergonomic handle. The angle of the handle is similar to the Lelo but it offers more holding options due to it being a hole/loop style vs. a lever style.

I’ve heard other reviewers complain that curved handles are not particularly comfortable, but I completely disagree. I find the ergonomic handle makes the O-Wand easy to use by giving multiple options for holding. I never found myself distracted by a sore wrist. The thoughtful weight distribution of the motor adds to the ease of handling. All of these details come together nicely to make a very comfortable to hold and easy to operate wand.

If you don't like the handle there's still enough space on the main body of the O-Wand to hold it there. You’re not required to hold it any certain way, the curved handle just gives more options.

One unexpected benefit to the curved handle is that I have a much easier time using it while I’m on my knees with my head on the bed and partner behind me. When I’m in that position and try to use other vibrators I’m forced to hold them at a weird angle because of the length and I have a harder time controlling how it feels and my wrists get tired.

The egg shaped head allows me to direct the vibrations to my partner while he’s behind me, and he very much approves of how this feels. The more standard head is harder for me to do this with especially if I’ve already cum because don’t want a ton of vibrating on my pussy. The egg shape seems to concentrate the vibration at the tip so I don't mind the sides of it being in contact with my pussy even after I cum.. It feels nice and makes the orgasm longer and stronger for me.


To address orgasm quality in general I can confirm that the O-Wand gives me orgasms that last longer and feel more intense. The range of settings let me to enjoy the buildup without getting numb, and the egg shaped head lets me direct the vibrations more precisely so it never becomes too much. The flexible neck lets me press down to get a deeper vibration (which I love), and this adjustability means I can leave the head in contact with my clit longer as I cum.

It’s not like my other vibrators are giving me sub-par orgasms or something, I but the ones I get from the O-Wand are similar to the orgasms I get from the Eroscillator as opposed to the orgasms I get from the Lelo or other wands that sometimes beat my clit into submission. I would credit this to the smoothness of the motor and the egg shaped head.

Compared to Lelo the O-Wand is a bit louder. This is most noticeable on the higher settings. It’s loud enough that I’d turn the tv on in the room if you want to make sure someone in the next room can’t hear, but it’s not distracting and it doesn't even approach the noise levels of the plug-in wands like hitachi and kink power wand. The sound is far less noticeable in the shower.

As far as shower time goes, I have to admit I’ve never really used vibrators in the shower or bath much, but I knew I needed to do testing for science so I put some hard work being slutty in the shower.

The O-Wand is waterproof and submersible so you can take it in the shower or bath. The curve of the handle puts it at the perfect angle to use while standing up, and the distribution of the weight makes it easy to hold on to. I thought for sure it was going to feel slippery and heavy, but It didn't.

I definitely recommend taking advantage of the waterproof feature if you get one. I found that the O-La-La attachment was the best.

So I have to share that at this point in my testing I think the Lelo got jealous of the O-Wand and committed suicide. The motor started acting all funny, and I wasn't able to test it in the shower for comparison. I’m still not positive what wrong with it but clearly it finally succumbed to years of hard use. RIP Lelo.


You can use any standard attachments with the O-Wand and you can use the O-Wand attachments with any other standard wand vibrator. The O-Wand comes with the O-Burst attachment thats textured with nubs of varying size.

I’ll start off by saying I’ve never really been a big fan of overly textured toys. If you follow my blog I’m sure you’ll recall my interactions with a mean dildo called “the bound cock” it's not overly big or anything but its super textured due to it being a realistic replica of a cock tied up with rope. Sir got it for me specifically because the reviews about it were awful. Girls were complaining and being all “WTF is this? This is not comfortable”.. So Sir got me one immediately.

I also have other painful toys like the a couple bad dragon dildos that have spikes and are only used if ordered to do so or forced. We also have a spiked sheath for dildos or cock, and the mean little purple spiked ball that's used inside my leather chastity belt to prevent me from trying to grind against the belt. So, in my world excessive textured things are used as punishment in an effort to curb my focus on my greedy pussy, and keep me obedient and eager to serve.

This is why I had a feeling the O-Burst wasn't going to be my favorite. I was pleasantly surprised that when I used it on a lower setting I actually enjoyed the more pronounced nubs on the side of the head. I also noticed that the nubs near to top/crown are less pronounced so that gave a different feeling as well. It definitely gave me a more intense experience and I was able to cum from it. I’m happy to have this as an option for play, and I believe that the girls who love texture will be more than happy with this.

As a random and superficial side note, I can’t help but appreciate that aesthetically the O-Burst looks super pretty with the burst attachment on. It definitely makes playing with your pussy look more classy and expensive.

For some reason I found the O-Burst a little hard to clean. I think soap gets trapped in between the nubs and dries so it leaves little white flakes on it. I was able to solve this by using a fingernail brush.

Th O-burst comes with the O-Wand, but I also got the O-La-La that's sold separate. It a clitoral toy that makes your wand look laughingly like it's wearing a miners helmet when you put it on.

It has a circle pattern on the top and nubs on the side, but part I’m interested in is the cup shape on the side that has the one little finger/nub in the center. I cum from clitoral stim (vs. penetration) so I had a feeling this would be a winner and I’m happy to report that it is.

Before I get too far into it, I want to mention that the one I have looks different from the pic on the site. I inquired about this with Mr. and Mrs toy, but and I never got a response. The one on their site seems to have a second ridge, and mine does not. I can’t speak to the one on their site, but I definitely love the one I have. I mean I LOVE it

The first time I used it I was just laying in the bed and was very pleased with it how it felt, but my opinion went from “this is great,” to “I think I saw Jesus,” when I took it in the shower.

The warm water in the cup part creates a little suction, and the nub on the inside gives intense clitoral stimulation. It’s easy to position and easy to get clitoral contact. The angle of the handle also helps make this attachment easy to hold it in place. The vibrations pass nicely through the cup and the little nub vibrates and teases the clit without being overwhelming like some clit toys can be.

I found it super easy to cum with with the O-La-La when I was in the shower. It was a little more difficult to cum with it outside of the shower so I concluded the warm water somehow made it better. I tried to recreate the shower feeling with lube, but it didn't have the same effect. Dont’e get me wrong, it still feels amazing outside of the shower - I just preferred how it felt in the shower.

I appreciate that they take advantage of the additional space on the O-La-La and add other textures, but I have to admit I haven't spent much time testing out the other parts. Like I said, I’m not big into texture so I got lazy.

I can say, however, that when I’m on my hands and knees and my partner is behind me he said he enjoys the vibrations and the texture that’s at the top of the O-La-La as I’m using it on myself.

With all this use I bet you’re wondering about the battery life. It’s listed as up to 3 hours (1.2 hrs on max). I charged mine one time and got at literally 3 weeks of use out of it. So I’m pretty impressed, and can say that it’s reliable. When I charged it again it was only out of fear that it was going to die. I have an irrational fear that all wireless toys will run out of juice mid play session. (Has never happened with any toy. Still scared.) Granted I use the wand mostly on the #2 setting so the battery should last a little longer than if you use it on the highest setting.

In the past I’ve had trouble with other wand style vibrators heating up so this is always something that I play attention to.

The main part of the owand heat does heat up a little up during use, but it's unlikely you will notice because you the heat does not reach the handle. Even if you grab it in the hottest spot on the base of the wand it’s not distractingly hot. It’s just warm.

I noticed in the user's manual that it has an auto shut off feature that will kick on if it gets too hot. I suppose this would be super annoying to be playing and have it shut off, but it's probably for the best. I specifically tried to use it on higher settings and get it to overheat and shut off and it never happened. So I think this is rare and likely will not happen for the average user.


When you’re done using it, it’s easy to can clean it with regular soap and water since its waterproof. It comes with a lint free storage bag. I recommend drying it with a microfiber towel to prevent water spots from forming, and to keep the fizz off of it.

As far as price goes, yeah it’s expensive, but I feel the price matches the craftsmanship, performance and presentation. In this scenario you get what you pay for and I would definitely recommend the O-Wand to anyone. I don’t know that I agree that it's the most powerful rechargeable wand in the world, but it’s definitely specials and every bit as luxurious and fancy as you would think it is.

As final notes I want to mention that the O-Wand has a good warranty and comes with a fancy warranty card that can be found in a pocket of the user's manual. The plastic card with hologram symbolizes the pride they take in their work, and that will make it right in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. This is an important detail when you’re investing in high end sex toys.

In case you’re wondering why I have 2 cards in the pictures it’s because the first Owand I received ended up malfunctioning. That's right, I somehow managed to break a Lelo AND an O-Wand during my research, lol. (I also managed to get a malfunctioning eroscillator earlier in the year as well.. lol) So I used the O-Wand for a few day then noticed a grinding noise that started happening just as I turned it off. It didn't affect the performance as far as I could tell, but I messaged the company anyway and they replaced it without question. Even paid for shipping. I used the second wand I received for the last several months and have not had any additional issues. I believe them when they say that nothing like that has ever happened before.


Overall, I find that the O-Wand lives up to it’s high end luxury look and I would recommend it to anyone. It’s definitely the top-dog in my current vibrator collection, and I immensely enjoy the smooth delivery of vibrations as well as the egg shaped head that gives me more control over where the vibrations are focused. It gives me more control over my orgasms by letting me take my time ramping up without getting numb and then when I cum I’m able to extend my orgasm longer than I can with my other vibrators.

To be fair, I admit there are some mild annoyances like the travel lock feature, and the learning curve for figuring out the charger, but overall these are not deal breakers for me.

The weight of the unit may be an issue for some people, but the distribution of the weight along with the ergonomic handle minimize the impact if this and I’ve never found myself being distracted by the weight during use. If anything, the weight makes it easier to push down on my clit to get a deeper vibration.

The power is impressive although it doesn't feel more powerful than the Lelo to me. That being said, it’s easy for me to cum while using the O-Wand, and I’d have to say that I enjoy type of vibrations offered more than the power alone.


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