Kitty Denied tries out her first sucking based toy as oral sex simulators for the girls are all the rage right now. She's heard lots of mixed reviews about them but remained curious and eventually gave in to the idea of testing a magical clit sucking machine.

Of course, I went for the head honcho of these toys and chose the womanizer pro. It’s the most expensive in its class and usually there's a reason for that. They have several generations of this “revolutionary contactless stimulation” technology, and gives a lot of promises of mind blowing orgasms. Also, it comes in black and gold. Not gonna lie.. It’s a thing.

Of course the shipping box it comes in is plain and unremarkable. The product packaging is pretty unremarkable as well. Obviously, I would like to be wooed with fancy packaging, but the WP offers nothing more than a reasonably thick box, and a plastic insert that keeps the WP cradled in the center. Removing the plastic reveals the charger, an additional treatment head (for some reason calling it a “treatment head” gave me a chuckle), users manual, a small microfiber square (for shining up the gold parts?), and a storage bag.

I flipped through the user's manual a little and was pleased that it’s fairly complete and addressed all the immediate questions I had, talked about the 2 year guarantee, and even had diagrams to show proper placement for use. Probably the most complete manual I’ve seen with a toy. I could see right away that it’s really simple to operate which is nice.

Upon second inspection of the box I saw that is says, “made with Swarovski ® elements” which immediately made me think it’s not a real Swarovski crystal like advertised. (The power button is a fancy crystal) This prompted some research and I found out the, “Made with Swarovski Elements” label certifies that the piece was made with authentic Swarovski crystals. Not that I would be able to tell if it was a counterfeit crystal or that it would matter either way, lol. That was just an FYI for anyone that sees something labeled that way and has questions.

I took the unit out of the box and felt a little “meh” holding it in my hand. I couldn't put my finger on it, but it just kinda felt cheaper than I thought it would. There wasn't anything particularly sexy about it aside from the 18ct. gold accents. I think this is partially because of the weight (its very light) and partially because of what its made of and how all the little details come together to make it feel like a cheap toy impersonating an expensive one.

The unit is a matte black. I was expecting it to have the velvet feel that the Lelo, O-Wand or Kink Power Wand have but it definitely has a different feel to it. It feels harder, and it scratches easily.

The word “womanizer “ is written above a round Swarovski crystal that serves as the power button, and a gold bar with + / - serves as the intensity button. This toy is simple to use so I’m surprised they found it necessary to label the buttons with the words “on/off” and “intensity.” The font doesn't match the logo and while I know this will not bother most people, it’s visually distracting to me and takes away from what could be a minimalist/high end look.

I do really love the plated accents though.. It’s soooo shiny and pretty and definitely has a different feel than toys with metal accents that are only painted gold . It collects fingerprints easily, but it shines up beautifully and definitely has a high end feel to it. Sadly, that’s where all the luxury ends.

The detachable head is the business end and intended to cover the clit. They call it s a, “treatment head” and I find that endlessly entertaining. “Excuse me for a minute, I need to go do my clit treatment… for science.” The fact that it's white makes it feel like it doesn't belong. As if this is a prototype for a better version or something. If it was black I think it would look more streamlined and consistent. Then again, it would probably be hard to get the black to match up exactly with the body and I would complain about that, too. That’s what I do.

Turning it on it’s side I can see there's more writing in white (in yet another font style, lol), but this time it's a bunch of numbers and codes about the battery? There are also some symbols molded under the head for recycling info and such. All distracting. All poorly executed. I get they don't have much real estate and are probably required to list certain info, but does it have to be bright white against black right in the middle of the toy? It’s odd.

It comes with a storage bag that's helpful, but its made of stiff shiny material that I can only describe as faux satin? It makes me sad. I wish it was microfiber because the gold picks up fingerprints easy and it would be nice to be able to shine it up with that. It does come with a teeny microfiber square for shining it up (Which I’ve already managed to lose between getting the toy and writing this), so they could have killed two birds with one stone by making the bag microfiber.

Overall the the combo of the black/ gold / crystal with the two different fonts, extra writing, and tip that doesn't match ends up making it look cheap and poorly planned instead of classy, so I think they missed the boat on that aspect.

...And I KNOW I’m being picky, but I firmly believe that high price requires high design, and the WP has a price point of >$200 so I definitely have to give some feedback on the looks.. Obviously, when cumming you’re not overly distracted by mismatched font, but all the little details add up.


The unit itself is small compared to most toys, but it seems to be a little bigger and more of a handful than most of the similar toys in its class. I’m not sure how this compares or if it's a good or bad thing, it's just something I noticed.

The WP comes in a variety of wacky bright colors and patterns that I’m not particularly fond of. It's not like the patterns are particularly fashionable, or unique.. They kinda remind me of the patterns you find on wallpaper in a Sims game. I chose the black and gold because that's my thing, but they do have a nice black/silver, and a white/silver that I wouldn’t tease you about if I saw you had one. I actually really like the white/silver look. Looks like its a toy from the future.

It's a featherweight weighing in at 4.7oz (133g). This makes it super light to hold, which could be a plus for someone who has wrist issues.

Holding it in my hand, it feels similar to a computer mouse and while using it I didn't have any remarkable feelings either way about it being easy or hard to hold. It works. It does seem to be geared toward people who are right handed based on the shape. That being said, I don't think it would be any harder for a lefty to use it.

Most of the time I hold it kinda like I hold a wand (I’ll try to show this in my pics) so the shape doesn't make much difference to me over all.


I plugging it in is intuitive and doesn't require much of an explanation. The charging port is covered with a little flap that keeps it waterproof so you can take it in the shower or tub after its charged up.. I usually have complaints about the little flaps that protect from water because they seem flimsy,, but this one is actually well made. I’m fully confident it will remain watertight when I take it in the tub.

Moving on to the charging process, I do have questions about the aggressive lighting that occurs when you plug it in. The ENTIRE head lights up green and FLASHES until it's completely charged. This is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before on a toy. Its SOOOOOOO bright… WHY?! Maybe this is why they stuck with the white treatment heads- so they can give pussies a laser light show?

When it’s charging it flashes green. When it’s done charging it turns solid green. I take back all those times I’ve complained about other units not having a charging indicator because this one is rowdy for sure. You definitely can't charge it in a dark room so don't plan on plugging it into the charger and leaving it on the bedside table while you sleep. You are going to need to put it in an entirely different room to charge or cover it with a towel because because it’s THAT bright..

You cannot use it while its charging, but that's not a problem because it didn't seem to take long to charge (about 30 mins out of the box). The instruction manual says it can take up to 2 hours to charge, but it’s never taken that long for me. A full charge will get you about 4 hours of use depending on the intensity levels you use which seems pretty good. I personally never let anything get close to dying before recharging, but the head will flash red when using it if the battery is getting low. I personally haven't let the battery get that low to make that happen, but that seems like a nice warning feature. May as well use those massive lights they have installed for something helpful.

The aggressive lighting doesn't end after charging. While using it, it lights up a constant red. I’m not entirely clear why the head lights up so bright. Even Sir was like, “HAHA, Your clit doesn't require a rave in order to cum..” And “Can’t find my keys… wait...let me get my womanizer out.”

I can only guess that maybe the light is intended to help with lighting up the area if you need help with placement? There’s no other reason I can think of that would require that much light, and if that’s the case then red is a terrible color for that. I would still like to see the silicone head match the rest of the unit in color. The lights are distracting in every way.

Using the WP is super simple, and I really appreciate that. Just hold the power button and it turns on at the lowest setting. Then adjust the speed with the gold bar. I also appreciate that it has both “+” and “-” buttons. That makes it really easy to find the perfect intensity without having to cycle through a bunch of settings, and that's especially important in a toy that requires you to maintain physical contact to keep the suction going. The overall, button placement is reasonable. The buttons are on the top of the unit so it ends up facing away from you during use. This is ok because the gold bar is easy to feel and the off/on button is a very distinct bar.

The power button is a Swarovski crystal. It’s easy to feel during use, and I’m a little surprised it doesn't get in the way or accidentally turned off because it stucks up pretty far. The crystal itself doesn't feel like anything special, and I don't think it ads to the overall intended “fancy” feel. I would prefer just a simple gold button since the crystal doesn’t seem to match the black and gold anyway.

I immediately noticed that the WP lacks the preset fancy patterns that you would find in other toys, but this isn’t a regular vibrator so you’re not missing out on much. I think having any preset patterns would make the toy harder to use, and I don’t think it would add to the experience. I can appreciate that it does one thing, and it does it well.


So now that I beat the poor WP to hell and ruined its self esteem with judgey comments about looks, I can get down to the brass tacks and explain to how it works and what makes it a truly unique experience.

The WP is different from other sex toys. It provides contactless stimulation using “Pleasure Air Technology” that uses a combination of suction and pressure waves focused directly on the clit. They don't sell is as an oral sex simulator, but the sensation it provides instantly brings to mind all the joys of having my pussy licked.

I first tested it on my lips (the lips on my face, you pervert) and could feel a gentle sucking in and out with puffs of air. I’ve never felt anything like that before, and needless to say I forgot all about any complaints I’ve had up until this point and wanted to get this thing on my pussy ASAP.

I quickly figured out that placing the head in the right spot is critical to getting the proper seal for the suction, but thankfully it’s pretty simple to do as long as you are familiar with your own anatomy. To place it, just spread the labia and hold it apart to expose the clit (depending on your anatomy you may need to pull back the hood a little to really get it exposed), then place the head over it with the clit in the middle - thus creating the “touchless” sensation.

You’ll know right away if it’s in the right spot because it will feel AMAZING, and the sound of the motor will get quiet when it creates a tight seal. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt on my clit and every bit as awesome as all the girls say it is. The suction and air work together beautifully to give a sucking sensation and I have to admit that it feels really really great.

The theory behind the technology is that there's no direct touching so it shouldn't make you numb like a regular vibrator does, and shouldn’t be over stimulating.. I agree it’s “touchless” and it doesn't ever make me numb but it definitely can cause some discomfort if I use it for too long, and it can be very intense and over stimulating on higher levels. I admit that I have a very sensitive clit, so others may not have this same result. The fact that I find it over stimulating means that it probably has enough levels to satisfy the most stubborn pussy. You should only worry if I find a toy that doesn't have enough power for me.

There’s also another theory floating around that It increases blood flow to that area and in theory should then make it easier to climax during sex if you use it as a “warm up.” This didn't work for me. I have a difficult time cumming during sex without the aid of a vibrator, and while I find that it makes my clit very sensitive when used as a warm up it’s not sensitive in a way that's conducive to making me cum any easier just from sex alone.

Another theory I’ve heard floating around is that this toy makes it easier to have multiple orgasms and I’m just gonna call bullshit on that right away. Girls who consistently have multiple orgasms are wired this way. I don't want someone thinking that this is an enchanted cum machine that will rewire your pussy and make multiple orgasms possible if you've never had one before. I’m not saying it cant be done, but don't be surprised when it doesn't happen. If you REGULARLY experience multiple orgasms, then I believe this toy could induce them. (I don’t, and it didn’t)

The WP also claims to make you cum faster - which might be helpful to women who take a long time to cum? Who's complaining about this?! This toy can def make you cum super fast if you get it in the right spot, and you watch the right porn.

So backing up to talk about my very first run with the WP- to be honest, it wasn't that great. It felt great when I started, but the feeling faded after a few minutes and it took an unusually loooong time to cum, and to top it off, it didn’t feel that great when I finally came. I felt super “meh” about it. The next day I tried again and the second run wasn’t that great either. It took me way too long to cum and I literally ended up having a sore clit, lol. I kinda gave up on it for a week or so and I took a break from ALL toys for awhile. Previous to the WP I was doing a lot of testing with the Kink Power Wand, so I think I was just totally desensitized.

The soreness caused by the toy is difficult for me to describe. Felt like I rug burn on my clit, but it didn't injure the skin or anything. It was weird. It wasn't like severe pain or anything, just enough to keep me from playing with my pussy for a couple days. This seemed to happen when I was using it for like 15 minutes straight. Of course, complaints about my sore clit to Sir only lead to being told I deserved it- which I found entertaining. He doesn't have a lot of compassion for greedy sluts :p


After taking a break, I came back to the WP with an eager pussy and ready for a second round of testing, and I had a completely different experience the second time around. It was like night and day.

I started with the standard sized (smaller) head that is on the unit right out of the box. I was able to get it in the right position easily and I was surprised how focused the sucking sensation was on my clit. After not using any toys for awhile it seemed way more intense to me than it was the first time around. It was almost too intense, but I was able to adjust it to an appropriate level easily and found a sweet spot. I ended up cumming in less than 5 minutes, but unfortunately it wasn't an earth shattering orgasm. As I was about to cum I knew that the intense sucking would suck (pun intended) so I basically had to pull it completely away from my clit as I was cumming and that kind of dulled the final result. Don’t get me wrong, it still felt amazing, it was just too intense at the end to really ride it out and enjoy it like I was hoping for.

I played with the smaller head a few times and found that the experience I described above was how it played out each time. Felt great, made me cum quick, but in the end the suction feels pretty intense and I mostly just want it off my sensitive clit as I’m cumming and that kinda stresses me out a little just before I cum cause I’m like bracing myself to pull it away. This made me think that you could probably force some orgasms if I was in suuuuuper strict bondage and unable to move my hips and disrupt the contact point… but we have better toys for that.. Like the Sybian, or literally any other vibrator, lol.

Since it came with 2 heads I figured I need to try that attachment as well. The second (larger) head is called an “XL.” To be honest if I wasn't testing the toy for a review I may not have even tried the larger attachment. I just automatically assumed that I wouldn't need the larger one because I don't have an “XL” clit that requires an “XL” attachment.

Here’s where i spin off into insanity for a second, but I have to say this- I think it's a mistake to give the second treatment head the name “XL” for a couple of reasons. It implies there are other sizes of heads to choose from when there are only 2 (standard and XL). I also think calling the girl’s clit “XL” isn't exactly enticing to women. If they have to give names based on size they’re better off calling the XL “standard” and the smaller one “small.” I don’t know.. The shapes are quite different so I think they could get away with naming them different things all together. Maybe it's just some weird clit shame I have or something, but I just don't particularly care for what the “XL” insinuates. An XL attachment for your XL clit.

It's easy to switch out heads. You just need to be sure it's completely snapped into place or it won't create a good suction and it will be a lot more noisy during use. If you have it pushed completely into place it won't come loose at all during use. It’s really easy to figure out how it goes together

A couple side notes about the heads that I couldn’t fit in anywhere else: You can use them on your nipples too. I find that the XL head works better for this.

I wouldn’t recommend using this if you have hood/labia piercings - in-case you have a pierced hood or pierced nipples. I don't think you would be able to get a good seal around the area, and even if you did, I don't know how that would translate during use.

Between the time of receiving the WP and writing this review I moved to a new house and managed to misplace one of the treatment heads in a box. After some frantic searching in the house I managed to find it, but this prompted some searching online as well to see where I might be able to find replacements. I was hopeful that maybe I could even find some black replacements and eliminate all the issues I have with how it looks and the laser light show on my pussy.

I went to the womanizer site and I found they have replacement heads in small and medium. This is confusing because the unit comes with “standard” and “XL”. I don’t know if these are new sizes or what, but they are $12.50 (each) +shipping so try not to lose the heads.

The heads the WP came with seem thick and sturdy, so I don’t foresee mine falling apart just from use. I suppose the biggest risk is misplacing them or one of my chihuahuas attacking them. I recently had an unfortunate situation where my dog chewed the cord to my Eroscillator, so I will also include the link to the replacement WP charging cord.

Sadly, I could not find any black replacement heads that will fit the unit, so the pussy rave will continue.

Small head:
Medium head:
Charging cable:


There are 12 intensity levels. At first I thought, ”thats soooooo many” But then i quickly figured out that the feeling it gives goes from “That's nice… maybe I’d like it a little stronger” to “OH DEAR GOD I THINK I MURDERED MY CLIT” very easily so having the option to slowly ramp it up is very nice.

Lower levels feel like rapid light kisses and higher levels feel more like firm sucking. The problem comes when you want a little more of the buzzy feeling that the higher level gives you, but the the suction is just too intense.

I find that somewhere between 3 and 5 is about as strong as I need depending on which head I use. I’ve never used it on 12, but I would have to assume that's plenty of power to make even the most stubborn pussy cum.

The WP is completely waterproof and submersible as long as the little flap covering the charging port is closed, so feel free to take it in the shower or bathtub. I thought for sure that I was going to love it in the shower, but I didn't. I think it's partially because it felt a little awkward to hold standing up, when I sat down on the shower bench it felt a little more natural, but I wasn’t able to get into it enough to cum. Could have been my mood, or the fact that the shower isn’t my go-to spot for masturbation, but it failed me in that environment.

Being committed to slut science, I wanted to give it another shot so I took it in the bathtub to see if being able to lay down and relax would change the experience and it really made a BIG difference for me. The warm water really adds to the sucking sensation and makes it feel more like someone's mouth. It feels better to me on higher intensities under the water, and it’s easy to pull it off the clit and just enjoy some light water pulsing sensations as you cum. It’s a nice way to really drag out your orgasm and get the most out of it. My only word of warning is make sure you turn it off before bring it out of the water because it will spray everywhere, lol.

I wanted to mention that even when fully submerged underwater the motor operates just fine. I was concerned that the water pressure might put stress on the motor, but it worked wonderfully for me.

While using in the bathtub or shower, another warning I have would be to make sure you're not directing the water directly into your urinary meatus (pee hole) accidentally. This could cause a urinary tract infection (UTI) in females. As a medical professional I’ve catheterized many women and I can confirm each vagina is different, and the location of the meatus can vary wildly from being very near the clit to being almost totally inside the vagina. It’s not uncommon to have to go find another nurse to help me “find it”. So it would behoove you to have a working knowledge of where that is on your body and just be mindful that forcing dirty bath water up there has a chance of causing a UTI in general. One might argue that using a showerhead to masturbate with in the shower could have the same result, but I think that the in-out suction of the WP makes it a little more risky than just water directly from the shower head. Even sitting on a jet in a hot tub (I’m soooo guilty of this heheh) shouldn't cause a UTI because the water is chlorinated so there are less of the things that will cause infection in the first place. I don’t have any scientific evidence to back this up and I haven’t heard anyone else complaining about it, but I did get a pretty severe UTI that required 2 rounds of antibiotics a couple days after playing with this in the bathtub and that was the only “new” thing in my life at the time. It’s probably an unrelated thing, but I felt it was worth noting. I’ve used it in the tub since then without problem.


The WP is probably the most tricky toy I've ever had to clean just because you can't really get inside of it. It's easy to remove the silicone head and clean that, but getting inside the unit is a little more complicated. The instructions suggest using a silicone safe cleaner- spraying it inside the unit then placing it in a bowl of warm water, turning it on high, and letting it run for a full minute. Again, Be careful where you aim and be sure to turn it off before bringing it out of the water because it will spray everywhere. Don’t worry, you will only do this once, lol.

The most important bit of advice is to make sure you get the water out before storage. Tip it over and shake it around. Then turn it on high, aim it towards a towel and let it run on high and shake it a little more until you're certain you got the water out. I then leave it out on a towel overnight and I store it without the head on it just to be sure everything can breathe in-case its not 100% dry when I put it away.

As for type of soap, I use baby soap on most of my toys to get them clean. I have some Cavicide on hand and would use that if I felt like it was not clean enough, but mostly I just use baby soap. You can use any silicone safe toy cleaner on this toy.

It’s damn near silent once you get it in the right place and get a good seal. It’s so quiet I have used it in the bed and my boyfriend didn't wake up, and he’s a suuuuuper light sleeper. There is *some* noise, but its very quiet. When it’s turned on and not yet placed on your clit, is when it's the loudest, but it goes full stealth mode once you get it in place.

I think the larger attachment is slightly noisier, and I did notice that there is some rattling if you don't have the head attached completely. After maybe 10 or 15 sessions I noticed that the motor makes a slight clicking noise sometimes. It’s super faint, and it doesn't affect the performance at all. I find the motor to feel sturdy and reliable overall.

The Womanizer site lists “silent mode” as though there’s an actual mode.. It's not something you turn on, but the unit does become super quiet once you have a good seal.

When I first started playing with it I found it to be overstimulating and I just generally had a hard time finding the right balance of intensity, environment (shower/tub/bed) and length of time needed to get the mind blowing orgasms that they claim it will give you. I had to take a break from using all toys for a few days then try it again before I could get the full experience. The mechanism for how this works is completely different from a regular vibrator so the orgasm quality is different as well.

I’m happy to report that once I found my stride it absolutely delivered some of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had, and I was quite impressed. Most noticeably, it really draws out the length of my orgasms. There’s always that little countdown before you climax where there’s no going back, but you’re not there yet.. Like a 3-2-1 kind of thing, and the WP turns it into more of a 10-9-8-7… countdown for me. Then after I climax, I can ride that feeling for a little longer than I’m able to with a wand vibrator, and that alone makes this toy worth it for me personally.

Sadly, I don’t have mind blowing orgasms with the WP every single time (sometimes they’re kinda “meh”), and I chalk that up to the fact that it’s not a traditional vibrator (it doesn't vibrate at all, really) and it relies heavily on your clit cooperating with a completely new sensation that’s rather intense.

I might just have a weird pussy so the WP does have some science behind it to show that women got good orgasm results if that helps your decision making.

The WP offers a 2 year warranty which seems pretty generous. I have no had to deal with them in this aspect so I don’t know how easy it really is to return things, but I think the length of the warranty speaks to the confidence they have in their motors and overall craftsmanship.

So here’s where I’m supposed to take all my research and put it together for a final Yes/No, and I found myself super conflicted. I’m personally very satisfied with the WP, but I’m really struggling to recommend it to just anyone because of the plethora of negatives I’ve mentioned so far.

I think a lot of it boils down to price point. This is a, “treat yo self,” kind of toy. The price point is a steep for something that might not work for you, and while I can appreciate that the technology isn’t cheap -the rest of it feels that way. Maybe they could do away with the tacky crystals and go with a simple color scheme instead of all the rowdy colors and they would be able to bring the price point down?

I have to admit that this is not my go-to toy and I don’t use it everyday, or even every week. When I do use it, (and everything works just right) I always think to myself “Wow, that was a great- I need to use this more”.. But, for some reason the WP just doesn’t make it into my toy rotation as much as you think it would. I also think it’s worth mentioning that this is more of an, “alone time,” kind of toy due to having to hold it in the right place and pay attention so closely to the intensity. I don't think this is something that a partner can easily use on you or participate with. I find these things to be an argument against spending so much money.

If the price point doesn’t bother you and, you’re in the market for this specific “air” technology then I’m confident the WP is a good representation of that and you will absolutely get what you are looking for - which is the truly unique experience of simulated oral sex. Whether or not your body will agree and give you mind blowing orgasms is the wildcard. I truly believe its going to take a little finesse for each person to find the right intensity and that’s a little more complicated than just turning it up or down. (Ie: you’re going to need to take a break from other toys, try it in the shower, try it in the bathtub etc), and to be honest I think it might be too over stimulating for a lot of girls.


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